Those of you that read my first blog post will know that it was Big L’s 5th birthday party on Saturday.  If you haven’t read then it I urge you to. It’s hilarious. Honest guv. We (me and Other Mum) spent Friday getting most of the stuff ready for the party.  Sainsburys shopping for supplies. Preparing the food and party bags etc.  Well, I say we.  Other Mum ended up doing most of the work as Little L was having none of it.  I managed to wrap 30 sausage rolls in cling film.  I hate cling film.  It’s shit.  It sticks to everything but whatRead More →

Why I hate mornings!! One day Big L may read this (sooner rather than later at the rate he’s learning to read) and so, my Darling, I have to tell you that I love you very much but by heck you drive me fucking insane in the mornings. Now I’m not a morning person. I find it difficult to get out of bed at the best of times.  Add to the mix making Daddy’s sandwiches (it’s cheese and ham daily but that’s all I can manage),  Big L’s breakfast and almost force feeding Big L said breakfast. “But,  Sweetheart. You asked for honey sandwiches” “I saidRead More →

So. Here it is. My first blog post. And it is about something entirely relevant to me at the moment, kids parties. I’ve been umming and ahhing about writing a blog for a while. Despite appearances, I’m quite shy, but I also like to vent and I’m pretty opinionated – although I do value other people’s opinions and take them on board (at least I pretend to. I smile and nod and mutter “twat” quietly to myself). So. Let’s kick off with my first post. It’s my first born’s 5th birthday soon and we are having a joint party for him with his friend. InRead More →