Y is for Yoga – A middle class A to Z

A little while ago I bought Little L some Bear Fruit Paws – you may be familiar with them they also make Fruit Yoyos which Big L was addicted to for about a month until he decided he no longer liked them.  Anyway, they are kind of guilt free gummy fruit snacks for toddlers so when Big L has a bag of Haribo I can placate Little L with a bag of Bear Paws.  If you buy them in a pack of 5 they come with free flashcards.  Well this is where my middle class A to Z started.  The flashcard in our pack was Y for Yoga.

Y is for Yoga
Y is for Yoga

I mean it doesn’t get much more middle class than that so I instilled the help of some fellow bloggers and friends to come up with the ultimate middle class A to Z. Please note, I am not knocking anyone here and I’m quite partial to a few of the things on this list myself (I fear I may be…. middle class)

A is for Avocado

A is for Avocado, Artisan Bread, Aga

B is for Brunch, Boden, Brioche, Ballet Lessons, Business Class

C is for Canapes, Chelsea Tractor, Cleaner, Chateau Neuf du Pape, City Break

D is for Dinner Parties, Deliveroo, Diptyque, Deli, Daily Mail

E is for Edemame Beans, Egyptian Cotton, Equestrian

F is for Four x Four, Facial, Feng Shui, Forest School

G is for Grammar School (only “Down South”), Garden Party, Gardener, Golf, Gap Year, Glamping

H is for Halloumi, Holiday Home, Horseriding, Hygge, Hot Tub

Hot tub
H is for Hot tub

I is for Iceland (not the shop – the place with the Northern Lights)

J is for Joules, Jo Malone

K is for Koi Pond

L is for Lattes, Legumes

M is for Mange Tout, Manicure, Maid, Marks & Spencer, Miele

N is for Nanny, Nespresso

O is for Ocado, Olives, Organic

P is for Portfolio, Photographer, Portobello Mushroom, Public School, Prosecco, Pedigree, Piano Lessons

Q is for Quinoa (it’s pronounced keenwa you fools), Quality Time

R is for Running Partner, Rugger (Rugby)

S is for Sushi
S is for Sushi

S is for Sushi, Screentime (which is limited), South of France, Skiiing, Swimming Lessons, Spa Days, Supper, Sommelier

T is for Tutor, Taekwon do, Tennis, Travelling

U is for Uni, Upper Class (it’s what Midde Class wet dreams are made of)

V is for Villa, Vol au Vents

W is for Waitrose

X is for Xavier, Xenophobe (wild generalisation, obvs)

Y is for Yoga, Yacht, Yurt

Z is for Zen

Please feel free to comment so I can add to my list!

Many thanks to my blogging chums for their contributions:

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