20 things you didn’t know about me

Recently I was tagged by both Carter Family 4 and Pass the Prosecco Please to write 20 things you didn’t know about me. So here goes:

1) I don’t have a middle name.  When deciding what to call me my father suggested naming me after an engineer, Mr Wankel. My surname is Knight. You get the idea (Wankel Knight…)

2) I nearly died following an operation to remove part of my bowel (due to Crohn’s) after I developed a leak and septicemia in 2013 when Big L was 2. I was in intensive care for a week and spent a month in hospital.  I had 5 operations in around 18 months. Consequently I have a 12 inch scar down my abdomen and several other scars from having 2 stoma and drains etc

3) I’m really funny…

4) I didn’t learn to drive until I was 30

5) I got married in my late 20’s I’m now divorced

6) I love tattoos and got my first 20 years ago when it was still a bit rebellious (damn you kids of today!). I’d have a sleeve if my arms weren’t so fat and my wallet wasn’t so thin

7) Vince and I share the same birthday but he’s 7 years younger than me.  It was romantic to start with now we just resent each other

8) If I take the piss out of you I probably like you, or do I?

9) I swear like a sailor, if you ever hear me say (or write) “Good grief” or “Oh crikey” I’m actually thinking something far, far worse

10) Past the age of 13 (NKOTB I’m looking at you) I was a goth / indie / rock chick. I wore DM’s to school.  I’d seen Guns n Roses twice by the time I was 16 and I’m going to see them in June

2 teenagers goth

My goth/grunge era I’m on the right

11) I use sarcasm, humour and cheek to get me out of most tricky situations

12) When I proposed to Vince last year on February 29th I was having contractions and I was convinced I was going into labour That day.  Little L wasn’t born until March 24th – when he was two weeks late.

13) My claim to fame is being dragged up on stage at the theatre by Danny John Jules  (Kat from Red Dwarf). He was dancing provocatively and giving the audience cheeky looks so I pinched his bum.  It certainly took him by surprise

14) I’m a huge animal lover, hence I’m a vegetarian, but I’m allergic to most animal fur so don’t have any pets

15) On the subject of pets I used to have pet rats. At one point I had 13 – all rescues.  It was crackers! They’re gorgeous creatures and hopefully I’ll have rats again one day.

Grey rat

One of my ratties!

16) I didn’t go to university, much to my teacher’s dismay. To be honest I would probably have spent the entire time pissed so I saved myself a few quid

17) I am a collector of illnesses I was diagnosed with Crohn’s in 2012, Endometriosis in 2015 when I had a pregnancy scan and a pituitary tumour in my early twenties.  If I was a horse I’d be shot

18) I used to love horror films but since having kids I find them really hard to watch – kids make you soft

19) Most of my hair fell out following my stint in intensive care (see number 2) so I had it all cut off.  If you see photos of me with short hair that’s why, I often think of having it cut short again

Me with short hair

20) There as a time when I wouldn’t leave the house without a full face of make-up.  People thought I was vain but it was quite the opposite – I hated the way I looked. These days I’m less bothered. Life’s too short! I still like spending time getting ready every so often though.

That’s my 20 things. Vince just read this and decided he didn’t know me very well at all.

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