I know most of my blogs are tongue in cheek and hopefully bring a little laughter to your day so I apologise in advance for this installment. I’m writing this following the recent storyline in EastEnders. The tragic death of Paul brought back memories from my early twenties. When I was 24 I lost my boyfriend to an accident at work. We’d been going out together for about 8 months. We had plans to move in together and had been on holiday to Torquay in his little red Fiat. The night before his death we’d been to our usual Thursday night karaoke at our localRead More →

I didn’t intend this blog to be about family life or being a mum as I think there’s more to my life than that but it would seem having a five year old and (nearly) four month old mean that actually that is all my life is about, for the time being at least. Anyway.  School family BBQ and disco.  Seriously.  This is what my Friday nights have become.  Gone are the days of getting home from work, jumping in the shower for AT LEAST half an hour then spending a good couple of hours moisturising, putting on enough make up to make the MACRead More →

There was an article in the local rag (Yes Kent Online, I’m looking at you) about a woman who had complained to a train company about workmen who had wolf-whistled at her.  Now.  Let’s set the scene. Said woman was alone on a (fairly remote) train station platform following an awards ceremony in London. She was waiting for a connecting train. She was dressed up.  It was late at night. She was wolf-whistled at by several workmen that were working for the train company nearby. She felt vulnerable. I can understand that.  I have walked home from the pub slightly inebriated (shitfaced) on countless occasionsRead More →