​We went to Bewl Water today. For those of you who don’t know it’s a reservoir with water sports, boat trips, play ground etc etc.  It was quite a hectic morning and I might have been a bit Mumzilla… We got there at lunch time so headed straight for the cafe.   I asked Big L what he would like to eat.  He looked at the board and pointed out the children’s lunch boxes.  Clever little so and so can read and everything.  In the cafe I noticed they were doing chicken nuggets and chips (that’ll save me from cooking tonight) nope.  Lunch box itRead More →

I’m sat here on this lovely summer’s day 3 years to the day that I had my first major operation. An operation that would lead to a further 4, and counting… I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in September 2012. Big L was 1 and Little L was a sparkle in his father’s eye.  I’d suffered with what had been previously diagnosed as IBS since my teens and been backwards and forwards to the Dr’s since.  It turns out it was actually Crohn’s. Crohn’s and IBS have very similar symptoms and Crohn’s is apparently hard to diagnose. It was found because I’d been ill withRead More →

You know those mums who totally have their shit together? Yeah?! Me too.  And I’m not one of them.  Let me tell you about my day in the hope that, in some small way it makes you feel better about yours.  Today was tough. It started out fine. I even managed a lie in until 7.30 (we don’t count the wake ups to feed or wee overnight). I made Vince’s sandwiches last night too so didn’t have to rush doing them  (yes we are very new age in our house)! The day went tits up somewhere around 8am. First of all I had only hadRead More →