You see before you the body of a Lindt chocolate Father Christmas.  He had a good innings.  In my defense he lasted a lot longer than chocolate in our house usually does, at least that was before I decided it was time to shift my arse and lose some weight.  Evidently from the photo I fell off the wagon somewhat this week. Ok, quite a bit.  I’ve had chips, a cheeky Dominos and I’ve decapitated Big L’s chocolate Santa. I’ve mentioned before that I’m an emotional eater, by that I mean if I’m emotional I eat not that I cry through dinner, and the pastRead More →

For as long as I can remember I’ve been on a diet, or at least in need of one.  When I was seven my mum took me to the Dr because I had a cold or some other unrelated illness and the Dr (who himself was, let’s be honest here, a fat fucker) told her I was overweight and sent me to a dietician.  There started my unhealthy relationship with food.  It really started when my parents split up and I would spend the weekend with my father who plied me with sweets and crisps and sat me in the corner of his local pub.Read More →

A friend of mine shared this on Facebook yesterday The general consensus was that this was outrageous.  Some of her friends said they’d only had one child and given up their job as they were better off financially not working than paying out for childcare. Others said that there should be more money for childcare, I pointed out that in some Scandinavian countries mothers are paid to stay at home with their children. Not that I’m biased at all you understand. Then one of her friends said, and I quote “no one forces people to have kids.  It’s their choice” I don’t normally rise toRead More →

Poor Big L came shuffling into our bedroom in the middle of the night. “Mummy, I had a nightmare” “Would you like me to get into bed with you?” “Yes, please” So I left Little L in bed with Vince and made my way to Big L’s bedroom.  I squeezed into his single bed with him and gave him a cuddle.  I asked him if he wanted to tell me about his nightmare. “I dreamed there was a zombie knocking at my door” Bloody Minecraft! “There are no such things as zombies, or witches you know that.  I know things can feel scary at nighttime…”Read More →

Why we should talk more about IVF with egg donation Some people become parents incidentally, some struggle for years trying to conceive naturally or with the help of IVF (egg donation) and finally succeed, some remain childless by choice or by circumstances. While parenting can be difficult and challenging, trying to battle infertility is not less exhausting. The consequences of infertility are very diverse and can range from societal exclusion, rejection, stress, to emotional suffering or marital problems. While medicine and science can help solving the problem, the fertility journey is not a walk in the park. It is often a rollercoaster of emotions causedRead More →