We’ve lived here seven years but I’ve fallen out of love with my home.  This was mine and Monsieur Incidental’s first house together. Both our children were conceived in this house (sorry if that’s too much information but I won’t go into more detail – unless you really want me to), this house was the first house our babies came to after they left hospital. We’ve celebrated many birthdays and several Christmas , Rudolph ate his carrots and Father Christmas ate Mince Pies leaving talcum powder magic dust on the carpet.  My children have played in paddling pools in the garden summer, watched birds building nests inRead More →

As you will know if you follow me on Facebook  (if not why not? Rectify that immediately!) we are moving house in a couple of weeks. Our landlord wants to sell the house so it came as a bit of a shock and not the best time with me having another operation due next week but we were very lucky to find a larger house 5 minutes away, and we got it for the same price as we’re paying now. Winner! We’ve been in our house 7 years and have two boys so we’ve accumulated a lot of crap but we’re only moving a few minutesRead More →