A week or so ago we went on a family outing to Boots Opticians, I know – we know how to live life on the edge.  Monsieur Incidental and I are no strangers to myopia and my mum suggested that while we were there we had Big L’s eyes tested.  They don’t test their eyes at school these days and seeing as we are both speccy four eyes she thought it would be a good idea – she’s usually right. Big L was very excited at the prospect of having his eyes tested.  He’s 6 and desperate for glasses so he could “Be like PeppaRead More →

They say that the first year of a baby’s life goes quickly for the parents, and that is most certainly true. Between adjusting to life as a new mum and all the hard work involved in looking after a newborn, the time certainly flies. The second year goes even quicker as they start to walk and talk and become real little people. In the blink of an eye, your baby has become a toddler and now might be a good time to make some changes to your home and routine. Here are some useful suggestions on how to get ready for the next stage ofRead More →

Parents worry. That’s how we’re programmed, whether it’s a matter of instinct, culture, or a mixture of the two. You’re not alone in your worries concerning the safety of your children, whether it’s at home, school, or elsewhere in the world, but you don’t have to drive yourself insane with worry about them. It’s important to give your kids room to grow and learn for themselves so that they can become independent and learn to keep themselves safe one day (that’s a horrible thought, I know; you want to always be their guardian angel).   Still, even though you shouldn’t smother or mollycoddle your children,Read More →

Birth flower horoscope - tulips

I have more than a passing interest in horoscopes and the like, even more so that Monsieur Incidental and I share a birthday.  I know it’s a bit weird, it seemed romantic when we first met but now not so much.  I do feel that people tend to have the characteristics of their horoscope. I have a book that describes characteristics by birth day and mine couldn’t be more accurate.  When I was approached by Flying Flowers for their new campaign I was intrigued.  I have heard of horoscopes and so on but never birth flowers so I had a look here and was quite surprisedRead More →

Hello it’s Monsieur Incidental. You will find below my humble contribution to this blog, in which I will expose the 5 greatest mysteries of the internet. Sounds good doesn’t it? Don’t expect enlightenment, just a quick trip around the daily nonsense you can find online. It will not become clearer as you read on, just so you know. You might on the other hand understand why I and the esteemed writer of the blog chose to spend our lives together though. 1) The clickbaity title: Our first one, and already a big part of everyday internet browsing. When I use the term clickbait, I meanRead More →