I am not an inspiration – there, I said it I’ve just come home from a wonderful weekend away with my blogging buddies. I was on a total high. Everything was going so well. Then I got a message. One measly message has put me from cloud 9 to rock bottom in T -9 seconds. This always happens and I hate myself for letting it happen. I am too sensitive for my own good and I know it. I’m one of those people that gets nervous about being happy because there is always something around the corner to scupper it. And that’s just sad. IRead More →

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I am an inspiration! I’m a finalist in the #BiBs2018 awards “Inspire” category so it must be true! You can continue to read why I would love for you to vote for me or you can just do it by clicking HERE! Category number 5 – Inspire When I started my blog about 2 years ago it wasn’t intended to be inspirational I started it because I like to make people laugh and, although I was diagnosed with Crohn’s 4 years previously and had many (many, many) subsequent operations, the disease had behaved itself for a while. Originally I wrote about having a baby andRead More →

It’s been a while since I worked in an office But one thing I remember well was that hierarchy was fairly obvious from the Furniture At Work. Even in open plan offices bosses and managers tend to have their own office, they are the divas of the workplace. Every office worker has a chair to match their personality #MYCHAIRSTYLE The Boss – The Ultimate Diva Obviously the boss would have the nicest office. Glass table, inspirational artwork, pot plant (usually a yucca) and so on. The stationery would be neatly arranged on their desk, along with a blotting pad (never used). Their chair would beRead More →

It was our birthday this week Yes I said our. Monsieur Incidental and I share a birthday. It was romantic at the start of our relationship, these days we just resent each other (I jest, or do I?). We were lucky enough to be invited to review Bar + Block in King’s Cross So we took the opportunity to go for our birthday meal the day after our actual birthday. It is a steak house and I am a vegetarian, but Monsieur Incidental is not – steak makes him very happy. I am used to going to “meaty” restaurants, they don’t bother me so longRead More →

I’m on the train on my way home from a birthday meal. I’m now a 41-year-old woman and a size 20/22. Please make yourself comfortable while I tell you the story of a 16-year-old girl who was a size 16 and convinced she was grotesque. I remember vividly wanting to look different. To be thinner. To look like the models in the magazines. I loved fashion and used to buy Clothes Show magazine and watch the TV show every Sunday. Do you remember it? Caryn Franklin, Selina Scott and Jeff Banks used to host it. It was very glamorous. It was the 90s and heroinRead More →

Studies have shown that getting a good night’s sleep is difficult for many adults in the UK. It is even more difficult for adults trying to get to sleep in the hospital.   If you suffer from a chronic illness and need to spend a lot of time in hospital, sleeping masks can really help. Bright, or even dim lights in wards make it very challenging for patients to get the rest they need for recovery.  In this post I will cover some of the best sleeping masks in the market so you don’t need to do the research. Sleep Master Eye Mask This sleeping maskRead More →

Benefits of Meeting Other Bloggers I was in London a few weeks ago catching up with some old blogging friends and we got to talking about the usual things; hectic schedules, motherhood but most importantly the direction of both of our blogs. It’s everyday catch-up talk for us and I suppose many other Mums have similar conversations with their own circle. It was only on the way back home that I got thinking about where I’d be if I didn’t have other bloggers around me. How do other bloggers meet like-minded people? What do their support networks look like? I mean, I suppose I gotRead More →

I am a big softie I would be quite happy if we could all just get along. To that end Anna from Me, Annie Bee and I set up our Facebook group Les Femmes Ensemble (which means ‘Women Together’ in French). We were both a bit fed up of negativity, of women bitching about women. The group was set up with the aim of bringing all women together. To support each other. With no agenda other than motivating women to be kind to one another. Les Femmes Ensemble is for ALL WOMEN, or those that identify as such. We know there are some fabulous groups outRead More →

You would be forgiven if you thought that Schleich only made animal figures – because I did! It wasn’t until I was asked to review the new Eldrador Creatures that I found out. I guess it comes from having children of a certain age, and boys at that! The story behind the Eldrador Creatures is that they each come from a different source – lava, ice, stone or water and they are all searching for the Super Weapon. There are currently twelve Eldrador Creatures on sale along with a pack that will be available from September this year – and Big L is eager forRead More →

Everyone loves dinosaurs these days, right? On Sunday we went to the latest dinosaur attraction Dinosaurs in the Wild. Luckily for us it was just a train and tube ride to the O2, then about a 15 minute walk to the building that contains the ‘research facility’. It is well signposted and there are dinosaur footprints on the path so you know you are heading in the right direction. I’ll be honest I really wasn’t sure what to expect from the 70 minute Dinosaurs in the Wild adventure Although friends of mine had already visited their posts didn’t give too much away, and nor will IRead More →