I recently attended a spooktacular Halloween themed event designed to showcase how the Lenovo Smart Display with the Google Assistant can help busy families. Hosted by Kimberly Wyatt, best known for the Pussycat Dolls, the event was a family-friendly affair. Lots of children attended and had great fun (not mine though, they were at school and with Granny respectively) . There was a baking masterclass with Kimberly – well she did win Masterchef after all! And a Face painting tutorial, both using the Lenovo Smart Display using the Google Assistant. The Lenovo Smart Display with the Google Assistant is like no other tablet It isRead More →

I’m really pleased to be featuring gifts from the RSPB When I was little we used to go to our local nature reserve. My mum and I would get up early, take a packed lunch and spend the whole day there. I have fond memories of sitting in hides watching birds through binoculars. Now I have children of my own I like to encourage them to spend time outdoors. I also want them to have a healthy respect for nature. This is why I’m excited to bring you this gift guide of things I chose for my family: RSPB Children’s Binoculars I chose these asRead More →

Baking with kids – what a joy! I always had big ideas, nay, ideals, of baking with my children. When I was little I used to bake with my mum and my Granny. Granny used to bake once a week on a Thursday. She had a big mixing bowl and I would go to her house and help. I have fond memories of the quality time spent with her. Bonding over a mixing bowl and licking the spoon. It was idyllic. Well, that woman must have had the patience of a saint Either that or I was a darn site better at cooking than myRead More →

Fingerlings are back and this time they have their BFF’S If you follow my blog you’ll know I have a fondness for the Wowwee toys. I’ve reviewed both the Fingerings Hugs and Dino Raptor recently and I’m always impressed by them. A lot of thought goes into the Wowwee toys and the attention to detail is lovely. The Fingerling BFF’S are very similar to the original Fingerlings but they arrive with their very own BFF that hangs on their tail or can be put on the end of your pencil. Father Christmas gave Big L one of the original Fingerlings last year It has beenRead More →

I didn’t get to the ripe old age of 41 without making a few mistakes and learning a few lessons along the way. That’s not to say you shouldn’t make your own mistakes, of course you should, but it doesn’t hurt to heed advice from someone older and wiser either (that’s me by the way) So, sit back and relax while I tell you where I went wrong and what I would do differently. I would go to university. Although having said that I have no idea if I would do any better career wise. In all honesty I just feel like I missed outRead More →

We’re getting married! I had you worried there for a minute didn’t I? We aren’t, well not yet anyway. Although with Brexit I might do it just for the Visa. I’ve been thinking about the main things you need to make a wedding extra special. OK I’ll be honest it’s things that I would like for my wedding. Or for other people to have at their weddings in order for me to enjoy them. Here are my 5 ideas for a perfect wedding day, in no particular order: A wedding dress – I don’t think many of us want to walk down any aisles nakedRead More →

Gone are the days when I would get annoyed by being stuck behind a caravan or motorhome When I was in my twenties a pet hate was being stuck behind a caravan on the A303 – if you have ever travelled to Devon or Cornwall from the South East you know…you know… But now I want one! I have dreams of packing up a motorhome with the necessities (along with a few luxuries of course) and the kids (are they classed as necessities? Who knows) and heading off into the sunset! Regular readers will know that Monsieur Incidental is French. We spend most of ourRead More →

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I am a curvy girl and I love Simply Be! I was challenged to create an outfit from Simply Be for £100. It can’t be done, can it? Yes it can! As the weather is getting cooler and the nights are drawing in I decided to go for a practical outfit that I could wear on autumn days out. I received the clothes a week ago and have already worn and washed the outfit twice (not the boots though, you can’t wash them!). What outfit did you choose from Simply Be? I hear you cry Well, I am a lover of a tunic / dressRead More →

Halloween Safety Tips Halloween is an exciting time of year. To help ensure you and your children can enjoy it safely, we’ve prepared some handy tips for you. Keep “trick-or-treaters” safe If you let your older children go alone, make sure they stay in groups. Plan your trick-or-treating route before you leave and make sure the kids coming with you know where they’re going. Only visit places in familiar neighbourhoods. Avoid shortcuts and stay in well-lit areas. Only visits houses with lights on and avoid isolated or dark houses. Walk on paths and always follow the safe cross code. Make sure your kids know notRead More →

Holiday Packing Tips for Busy Mums and Dads When it comes to holiday packing, gone are the days when you would throw caution to the wind, pack a few clothes and toiletries in the bag and be gone. All of that changes with kids in tow as the concept of creating lists has never sounded so appealing! (Oh how life has changed). Along with that, common sense and creativity become key to both stress free packing and giving yourself the freedom to let your mind drift to all the holiday fun in front of you! Here are my top tips to help you concentrate onRead More →