Benefits of meeting other bloggers

Benefits of Meeting Other Bloggers

I was in London a few weeks ago catching up with some old blogging friends and we got to talking about the usual things; hectic schedules, motherhood but most importantly the direction of both of our blogs. It’s everyday catch-up talk for us and I suppose many other Mums have similar conversations with their own circle.

It was only on the way back home that I got thinking about where I’d be if I didn’t have other bloggers around me. How do other bloggers meet like-minded people? What do their support networks look like? I mean, I suppose I got pretty lucky with my network, mostly because we’re all very similar.

It dawned on me that there are other bloggers that might not be as lucky as myself. It upsets me even more to think about how many bloggers are out there who don’t have anyone else to relate to or vent to when things get a little bit crazy.

The truth is even on the best days, blogging full-time can be hard-work and only those that are going through the same thing can relate. It took some time for me to reach out to other people, mostly out of fear of not being accepted into the group but I quickly realised how important it was to have them around me.

Growing your Network

When I was first introduced to the idea of networking I wasn’t sold. I pictured standing in a room full of business people having awkward conversations, but I was wrong.

There are other ways to network with other bloggers. It was an opportunity for me to grow my network and reach more people. It worked, more people shared and enjoyed my blog and I got the opportunity to share other people’s fantastic blogs!

As my blog grew, so did my network of support. One piece of advice I’d give is to meet everyone you can in person, as soon as possible. There’s something quite sincere about having a real conversation with a real person and it goes a long way in developing personal relationships.

For All The Family

Once you’ve developed more of a personal relationship with other bloggers, especially those with a family, it might be a good idea to arrange a family fun day or team building day.

It’s a great opportunity to meet the families in similar situations, to talk about the everyday challenges inside (and outside) of the realms of blogging. There’s always great London team building events, especially during the summer!

What’s most refreshing about it is you realise that other bloggers go through the same personal challenges as you do – I suppose in some way we are normal people after all!

Generating New Ideas

There’s a lot of pressure on bloggers to deliver consistently great content, I know I make it look easy but believe me it takes work. Sometimes, relying on those in your support network is a godsend. It’s the same in any workplace; bouncing ideas off of people can reignite your creativity.

Getting to know other bloggers with familiar topics creates collaboration opportunities as well. There’s something really satisfying about collaborating with others, not only do you create great content, but you also get more exposure to their network!


My last point is probably the most important, staying motivated to post consistently and grow your blog is demanding.

Most bloggers start out with delusional thoughts of how quickly their blog will rise in popularity, but you have to love this everything about blogging to do it consistently. Even on the days when you can think of a million and one things you need to do, finding the time to create new content is important.

Having others around you that can relate makes you more accountable for how often you post and the quality of your content.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to other’s who’s in the same boat as you, we’re all in this together!

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