10 top tips for voting in the UK

I’m quite a politcal beast and one thing I’m really passionate about is voting (if you’re eligible) so here are my top tips for voting:

  1. Vote! Just effing vote.  If you only read the first tip that’s fine! Vote!  Did you hear me? Vote!  Got that? Good. Oh, and VOTE!!!
  2. Register to vote. In order to vote you need to register to vote, you can do that here.  I’ve even put the link in for you.  Aren’t I nice? You have until 23.59 22nd May 2017 to do it. Get it done – now, or after you’ve read this.  Whatever.

    Post box

    What a lovely postbox

  3. Postal Voting. If, like me, you are a lazy bastard, poorly, likely to forget to go to the polling station, going to be on holiday or whatever other reason you can register for postal voting. Honestly, you don’t need a legitimate reason to postal vote, you just can.   You can register here.  The form needs to be received at your local  Electoral Registration Office by 5pm on 23 May 2017. So get on it.  If you miss the deadline this time you can still vote at your polling station and postal vote next time.  Once you’re on the postal voting register you stay there as long as you fill out and return any of the forms they send you (which they do from time to time).
  4. Do your research.  Make sure you are voting according to your own principles.  Don’t let anyone else sway you, not your mum and dad, significant other, Dave down the pub (even if he does seem like a nice bloke).  Take their opinions on board by all means but ultimately make sure you are voting for a party whose policies reflect your ideals.
  5. Don’t be biased. Make sure you don’t just read papers or watch the news that are biased towards one particular party (Yes Fox and Murdoch, I’m looking at you).  By the same token social media is biased.  Hell, I’m biased!  I’m openly a lefty so I won’t be sharing anything that is positive about the Conservatives or UKIP – at least I’m being honest. You get where I’m coming from, make sure you use a variety of sources of information.


    Choose a variety of news sources

  6. Compromise. You are unlikely to find a party that matches up with 100% of your ideals I’m afraid so you’re going to have to compromise a bit here but I’m betting there are some policies that you are glaringly against or strongly for.
  7. Vote for a party not a leader.  OK that is my personal opinion but remember that the media are going to tear the leaders to shreds.  Accordingly to the media May likes shoes, Corbyn is a Communist and Farron up until recently was homophobic.  Dig deeper.
  8. DO NOT SPOIL YOUR VOTE – Please, please if you’ve gone to the effort of registering to vote, please don’t spoil it.  The people in power do not give two shits that you’ve walked to your local polling station in the pouring rain and written SPOILT or whatever else on your paper. Yes the spoilt papers are counted but if you think that one of their minions runs to the leaders of the parties to let them know that *puff pant* “35 people in South Kensington were so outraged with the state of the political parties they decided to spoil their paper!” And get the response “Oh my!  That’s outrageous – we must address this”. Of course they don’t.  Just vote for the party you find the least offensive.
  9. Make a difference! Don’t think you can’t make a difference.  You can.  Do you know how many people DON’T vote? 33.9% of eligible voters in the 2015 general election. That means that over 1/3 of eligible people DIDN’T vote.  Think 1/3 doesn’t make a difference? Imagine if someone ate 1/3 of your cake or drank 1/3 of your drink – you’d be pretty pissed off wouldn’t you?  Thats how much of a difference it could make.
  10. VOTE! Did I say VOTE? VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!!

Feel free to share the crap out of this to encourage everyone to VOTE!!

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