5 Reasons why you should choose a UK Holiday Park

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I am sure most of us in Great Britain have a new found love of our surroundings

I know we usually drive to France to visit our relatives at least once a year, and that hasn’t been possible, so we have been a bit more adventurous closer to home.

Last year we had a lovely two night break in Worthing, West Sussex. The boys loved the fact that we were literally over the road from the beach. We were up and out early, even the day it rained and oh boy did it rain! The problem was we stayed in a hotel. Hotels are great to share with kids for a couple of days but you start longing for your own space. Somewhere to make a sandwich if you get hungry and so on.

This year we ventured a little further, to Weymouth in Dorset. We stayed in a rather lovely Caravan on a holiday park so I thought I would put together a list of reasons why we would choose a UK Holiday Park for a holiday.

5 reasons why we choose a UK Holiday Park

1. There is so much choice in the UK

You cannot deny we are spoil for holiday destinations in the UK. There is so much variety on a relatively small island.

From surfing in Cornwall, holiday parks in Hampshire, climbing mountains in North Wales, wildlife spotting in Scotland. You can find a destination with lots to do or one where relaxation is key. Sandy beaches, rocky coves, canals, rivers, lakes and mountains. The UK has it all!

2. Holiday Parks in the UK have so much going on

You can choose from a holiday park that has loads of things for kids to do to one that caters for adults. There is entertainment every day. You can play bingo, have a dance and let the kids make new friends without worrying. Or you can hide away from the world and forget your troubles. 

They have pools, go karts, saunas, spas all kinds of activities for young and old and you can choose to do as much or as little as you like!

3. Holiday Parks in the UK are close to home

OK, so if you live in the South of England, like us, the very tippy top of Scotland is a fair trek but it is still close enough that you can return home quickly should you need to. While we were on holiday in Dorset this year my mum had a stroke, she was actually with us at the time (luckily) but had she not been we would have been able to get home to be with her within a few hours.

4. You can take your dog to a Holiday Park in the UK

So this is pretty important for us, seeing as we adopted our dog, Vader, this year. We haven’t been on holiday with him yet as we went before we adopted him but we were already thinking about adopting so while we were there I was scoping out everyone who had their dog!

I saw loads of people walking their dogs around the site and there are lots of sites that are geared up for doggy guests. We were hoping to go away over the summer (which sadly didn’t happen) so I searched lots of Holiday Parks in the UK to see how easy it is to take dogs and lots allow it, some charge an additional fee but it wasn’t extortionate.

5. You can drive and take whatever you want with you

One of the things I love about driving to my destination is you can pack up the car with everything you need. Everything! Buckets and spades, extra towels, toys for the kids. You name it, if it fits it’s going in the car.

I hope that has convinced you to check out UK Holidays parks for your next holiday, if so where will you go?

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