What to do when your child is strugging at school

School’s tough. There’s no doubt about it. It was tough when we were at school, and all we had to think about was learning and making new friends. Now, our children face exams from an early age, the pressures of social media, online safety, competition for places and constant pressure from a very young age. These demands mean it’s not surprising that many children struggle at some point in their school career. Depression, anxiety and other conditions are becoming more common in childhood, and obviously, as parents, we want to avoid them and make sure our children are happy. So, here are some tips to help if your child is struggling.

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Look at Sleep Patterns

One reason kids can have a hard time at school is not getting enough sleep. Schools hard work. They need to be able to focus on their education and have fun running around with their friends to get the most out of it. Try an earlier bedtime for a while, see if it helps.

Reduce Screen Time

Too much time spent on devices or watching TV can make it hard to children to sleep and if they play in the mornings, they can be reluctant to leave for school. Try to limit screen time, especially on school days.

Think About Any Other Issues

Sometimes, other issues can affect a child’s enjoyment of school. Children that struggle with incontinence can face terrible anxiety when it comes to starting school. Fortunately, dryandcool can provide a solution.

Another common worry for school-aged children is eating. If they’re fussy eaters, they may feel anxious about eating school dinners. Let them help you to make their packed lunch instead, so they can get a good meal without worrying.

Speak to them

Whether you are worried about how your child is doing at school or not, it’s important to speak to them. Ask about their day in detail. Find out what they enjoyed and what they didn’t like. Try to have a little chat every day when they get home, while it’s still fresh in their mind. If they are reluctant to talk about school, there may be an issue that needs investigating.

Get Involved

Children whose parents are involved in school events and activities often do better. Volunteer and make it clear that you enjoy going to school whenever you can.

Teach them to Organise

Learning to organise their time can be difficult for young children. Teach them how to make to-do lists and prioritise. This way they’ll manage their time better and get less stressed out by school work.

Change the Rules

If something isn’t working, change it. If your morning routine is a mess and the school run stresses everyone out, change your routine instead of getting annoyed with the kids.

If you are really worried, and struggling to find ways to help your children enjoy school, speak to their teachers and work together to get to the root of the problem. But, try not to panic or overreact. Most children have a hard time at some point in their school lives, learning to overcome them is all part of growing up and preparing for adult life.

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