Driving Pet Peeves!

When it comes to driving, pretty much everyone has to do it and although it’s actually quite enjoyable, it can actually be quite frustrating! Picture this, you’ve got a cracking head from the kids screaming all afternoon and you promised to take them to the sweet shop before you have dinner; the last thing you want to encounter on your quick mile journey are other drivers being nuisances and  doing daft things which quite simply get on your nerves and could land you in some serious pain or road rage! The reason I thought about this is because I stumbled across an interesting study called “Baby Driver” the other day by Manchester based car leasing firm- All Car Leasing, which explored new parents habits when coming to drive their vehicle with their children. In the study they asked 1200 respondents a series of questions surrounding driving with their baby/children to find some pretty interesting results. 

Baby Driver - Parents and their driving habits

Baby Driverby All Car Leasing

One of the questions asked in the study was “What is the biggest worry when you’re driving with your child?”. For me personally i would always have said that other drivers were my biggest fear. Especially the fear of drink/ drug drivers, and the people who should have never passed their driving test in the first place just in case they were to ever crash into me! Interestingly, 46% of people who live in Belfast and 43% of people in Liverpool found this also to be the main reason. After coming across this data, i thought it would be interesting to shed a light of what my personal driving pet peeves are, and to see if you agree with me! (please don’t get offended)

My Personal Pet Peeves


This is a huge pet peeve of mine and it usually forces me to slam the brakes on just to make the driver behind me realise how annoying they are being. (which is dangerous i know) This usually happens when people are trailing behind me late at night, tired, but forgetting to turn their high beam off. The light beams straight off of your mirror and straight into your eyes forcing you to have to duck down to avoid the light. The result of this being a sore neck from ducking down or the need for glasses because you have been dazzled so much!


Another pet peeve of mine are people who decide to take mother and baby spaces when going to the supermarket because they can’t be arsed to park elsewhere. Little do they realise how stressful it is taking your children out of the car and loading the car with food after exploring the shop for hours on end.


Green light sleepers are another annoying driving trait that i’m not fond of. When drivers don’t realise that the light has changed to green because they are being naughty on their phone (which is illegal by the way), resulting in a huge build up of cars behind them desperate to get to work in the morning… (NOT)


In all honesty I have to admit that tailgaters are the most annoying drivers, as its so unbelievably unnecessary. There is nothing worse than having somebody so far up the rear of your car that you feel like you can’t brake at the lights; with the fear that your going to crash. Not only is it dangerous, especially when you have kids in the car, but also very annoying!

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