EU! This is the last station! All change, please!

Erica’s blog. Stardate June 24th 2016.  See what I did there?

So.  We voted Out. Fuck.  I wasn’t expecting that.  I thought it would be close but I never expected it to be that close.  I voted in. I felt we were stronger in the EU.  I owe the EU a lot, if it wasn’t for free movement I probably wouldn’t have met Vince (who’s French) and we wouldn’t have had our two beautiful children. How it will leave us as a family only time will tell.

But.  The majority voted Out. We are a democracy and we must accept that.  I can only hope I was wrong.  I hope I am proved wrong.  I hope it wasn’t as part of some misguided view of sovereignty that people voted out.  That we can cope alone.  We won two world wars after all (did the USA help?  I think we may have conveniently forgotten that, along with the not insignificant amount of water between us and the continent but hey ho). I hope that it’s not because over half of us are racist (I say that tongue in cheek before I get lynched).  Surely not.  I know a few people who voted out because they long for change.  And change is what we shall get.

We need a change.  I longed for a change.  A revolution if you will.  But I like a fluffy lefty socialist revolution where the people at the bottom are looked after. A change out of love, and belonging.  I can’t help but feel like this is a change out of fear maybe even hate. Again i hope I am proved wrong. I am no fan of the Conservatives, I grew up in Thatcher’s Britain as the child of a single parent and life was not easy.  The welfare state was worse then than it is now in my opinion and it is only getting worse with the cuts to the welfare state.

Yes I am a fan of Corbyn.  He appeals to my nature.  He seems like an honest man.  A man of principles that I can relate to.  Human rights. Workers rights. Animal rights. Yup Corbyn will do me. But I am pretty sure that will never happen so I will continue my dream of a socialist utopia alone.

Farage?  Well, he can fuck right off. And frankly he scares me.  His sort of politics is dangerous. Divisive. It starts small and gets bigger. Plus he’s into fox hunting and that grips my tits.

But.  The british people have voted (in pen no less!!).  It’s time for us to try to build our country back up.  To come together. To work out our differences. We clearly are not a happy nation and it is a shame it’s come to this for us to sit up and take notice. Fuck class! Fuck how educated we are! Fuck what colour we are!  Fuck where we live or were born. This isn’t about that and all those statistics (which frankly I’m not clever enough to interpret half the time). We are British!  We should be proud.  Come together.  Stop mud slinging. Stop whinging. Stop being smug. The people that voted Remain did so out of what we thought was the good of our families and our country as a whole as did those who voted Out.

Come on people. It is what it is.  Now let’s get on with it.



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