Making the most of Halloween at Home 2020

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Halloween is going to be a bit different this year but it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun spending it at home

Halloween before children was a very different affair, there would be costumes and alcohol, lots and lots of alcohol. Having children has changed that. We won’t be trick or treating this year, which is a shame as it would have been the first year Little L joined Big L but we will still make it special. Here is how I plan on making it a fun, spooky time – along with some tips, recipes and posts from other bloggers.

Just because we can’t go trick or treating doesn’t mean we can’t go out and I really love this Halloween Spooky Walk downloadable sheet from Northumberland Family Diaries. You can cross off the things you spot as you go.

Decorating to make your home super spooky for Halloween

We have a box of decorations that come out every year, and I add to every year! Some are from the pound shop, some from the supermarket most are cheap plastic but they get used every year. This year I have been sent this stencil from Snow Windows.

Snow windows halloween stencil, spooky castle with bats, on grass and a can of snow spray

Snow Windows Halloween Stencil

Snow Windows Halloween Stencil, spooky castle with bats in moonlight

Snow Windows Halloween Stencil – rear

You layer the picture up which gives a great effect:

This Halloween Stencil pack is currently on sale at £9.99, usually £20.99. 

We were also sent some balloons from They arrived in an enormous box that I could barely get through the front door and doubled up as a cool fort! We’ve had them a couple of weeks now so they have lasted well. I love the cheeky slogans – the kids don’t get it but I do!

Bunch of Halloween ballons with slogans, "wicked" "cheers witches", "witch better have candy£ and "witch please" with large witches hat

Halloween Balloons from Send them Balloons

For an everyday autumnal feel I love these ideas on how to decorate your home for autumn from Wildflower and the Bear.

Of course you can make your own decorations by doing some Halloween crafts with your children

I have to admit I am not the most crafty person and have little to no posts on doing crafts with my children however a lot of my blogging friends have so here are a few of my favourites. It’s a great way to keep kids occupied and feel included in decorating.

Baby Budgeting has these Super Simple Halloween Crafts including an Oreo spider! The Inspiration Edit has a great post with Halloween Rock Painting Ideas. For those of you who have filled your house with plants recently then Growing Family has some Halloween craft spooky spider plants

Costumes for Halloween

Halloween costumes don’t have to be spooky. Over the years we have had cute pumpkins, Minecraft characters and mummies! You can make your own costume, buy one or put one together with what you already have. Face paints are great for making a costume on a budget too. 

Little L chose this pirate costume from Melissa and Doug and put it on straight away! No photos as yet though. I shall get some soon. Available from Melissa & Doug’s Amazon shop

Melissa & Doug Pirate costume

Pirate Costume from Melissa & Doug

Sweets for Halloween

We might not be trick or treating but I plan on having a treasure hunt instead. There are lots of Halloween treats available at the moment but most of them aren’t suitable for vegans, unlike these Boo Boo eggs from Mummy Meagz. I can personally confirm they are lovely, a dark chocolate shell with a green creme centre available now from Holland & Barrett!

Meagz vegan chocolate halloween eggs

Mummy Meagz vegan chocolate Boo Boo Eggs

Recipes you can make with your kids at Halloween

Brace yourselves because my friends have loads of recipes for Halloween party foods:

The Mini Mes and Me Broken Glass Cupcakes & Eyeball Cakepops. We Made This Life has this recipe for Halloween Spider Cupcakes which is super cute. Gingerbread is a family favourite here and Hodgepodge Days has a lovely recipe for Halloween Gingerbread Mummies and for Kids Halloween Cookies In the Playroom has you covered.

Blissful Domestication has a great post with lots of ideas for Halloween Party Food Ideas  and Amy Treasure’s Halloween Treat Platter is to die for (see what I did there?).

For creating designs out of chocolate I was sent this Chocolate Pen which I have kept hidden from my kids until now (wish me luck). I can’t wait to make some spiders webs to decorate our cupcakes! Each Chocolate Pen comes with 1 Chocolate Pen, drawing tip, stirring stick, 40 mold designs and is suitable for ages 6+. RRP £19.99 available from Smyths, The Entertainer and Amazon (affiliate link)

Chocolate pen for decorating cakes and making chocolate designs

Chocolate Pen

 A party is not complete without Halloween drinks for kids and adults

Whether you are after an alcoholic cocktail or a healthy soft drink we got your back! Twinderelmo has Healthy Halloween Drinks and take your pick from Big Family Organised Chos’ Halloween drinks for adults and kids.

Party games to play at Halloween

There is more to do at Halloween parties than bobbing for apples like this 3-in-1 party game and craft for Halloween from Lukeosaurus and me and this post from Kiddycharts has lots of fab family fun Halloween games. Dirt Diggers & Dinosaurs has a great round up of alternatives to trick or teating including pumpkin bowling or This Mummy’s Always Write has these Kids Halloween Party Ideas. Mummy Est. 2014 has these great alternative ways to celebrate Halloween

pumpkin patch, pumpkin picking pyo pumpkin kent

Using up leftover Pumpkins at Halloween

I was brought up not to be wasteful so these recipes and activities using up pumpkin make me happy, Nomipalony has this recipe for Pumpkin Guts Soup which I’ll be trying this year. Each year we leave our pumpkin outside for the animals to feast on and let nature take its course, Arthurwears has made a pumpkin’s decomposition a fun activity.

Halloween is not over until you have watched at least one spooky film (or a horror film for the grown ups)

Chilling with Lucas as put together a list of Halloween Movies for all the Family, Mighty Mama Bear has Halloween Movies for Kids and Nomipalony has included films and TV series in her post best Halloween TV shows and films for families with young children

My personal favourites are The Craft, Hocus Pocus, The Crow – I used to e a huge horror fan but kids ruined me…

Tips for a spooky Halloween - crafts, recipes and party games




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