Hello! (Joe Manganiello) Is it me you’re looking for?

Whilst leafing through magazines at the hairdressers today (I know, hairdressers – get me!) I came across Hello! Magazine.  Not something I would ordinarily read but I thought I’d have a quick flick through.  One of the first articles I came upon was about the fella that was once the werewolf in True Blood, you might also know him from Magic Mike and his equally gorgeous wife who was in Machete Kills.

They were posing in their glorious house so I thought I’d cut through the crap for you.  I’m nice like that.

Firstly, a pic of the impossibly attractive pair.  I think they look a bit smug, quite rightly so.  Just look at them. Good looking gits

Here they are again in their living room. God it’s tidy.  They have kids right? Oh yes! There is a toy peeking out from behind a pile of books.  That’s not what bothers me most about this photo.  What bothers me is the fact that they have a sofa bigger than my entire house yet he’s sitting on the floor

There is nothing wrong with this photo.  Nothing at all.  This is exactly how Vince and I look on the average Wednesday evening.

Get your arse off of the dining table.  That is all

“When I saw these stairs I knew this would be my house”


“When I saw these stairs I knew I couldn’t afford this house”

Nice stairs though, to be fair.

Get your arse off of the worktop.  Seriously.

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