Helping your Child Build Confidence & Self Esteem – Part Three (AD)

We have been given a subscription to Mindscreen – all opinions are ours. These blogs will chart our progress. This is our final blog

It’s been a few weeks since our last post. It’s been a busy time plus there has been a bit of illness here so we haven’t had the chance to keep up with the course. That is the beauty of Mindscreen! It is entirely up to you when and where you do it.

We have already completed the free child self esteem check and this is the final part of the full Mindscreen experience. You can find our first Mindscreen Experience post here and the second Mindscreen Experience post here.

I would say the final four lessons are more suited to secondary age children. Big L is 9 and they were a bit too old for him because they are about study choices, careers and preparing a CV. We did attempt them but didn’t get all the way through. I will take you through each lesson:


The lesson objective is:

Help your child choose subjects to study that line up with their own skills, personal
interests, and what they value. Help them identify career ideas related to their
study choice options.

Using your child’s My Study Choice insights your child is asked to underline two or more subjects that they enjoy in each of the sections. They are then asked to reduce them down to a total of six, these six are written in their diary.

Next, using your child’s “My Career Choice” insights you look at the shaded careers and ask your child if any of the subjects would lead them to the specific careers.

At the end of the lesson you have a discussion, you want your child to have an understating that people study particular subjects in order to pursue their chosen careers. Some people take subjects because other people, family, friends or teachers tell them they should but ultimately people who choose their own subjects, because they enjoy them will mean they end up in a more fulfilling career.

Child sitting at laptop


The objective of this lesson is:

Help your child to identify career options that they are more likely to enjoy. Help
them to recognise the importance of taking action to achieve their aims and career

During this lesson you ask your child to circle two career choices in each of the six shaded areas, then they should choose one from each, sometimes the same career is in more than one column so your child may end up with less than six results, some children may struggle to slim the careers down. That is fine too. The careers should then be written into their diaries.

Once they have done this, ask your child to circle their favourite career – this is their chosen career.

You then “interview” your child, “What skills does your chosen career need?”. Using their “My Skills Insight” check which of their skills are a fit with their chosen career. They should be able to find six or more skills that would help them in their chosen career.

The next step is to find out more about the career. Of course they can Google it but the best way is by speaking to someone who actually does it.

You then ask your child if, after a bit of research, the career will actually suit them? Does it fit their skillset?

There is also a fun activity involving putting out a candle. The crux of it is that you should just do it! You should take charge of your career aims and goals.

This was a fun exercise with Big L and we were able to tailor it to his age but he is still at an age where he would ideally like to be a YouTuber. Nothing wrong with that of course, and there is no reason why he can’t however he is also interested in the standard lawyer, teacher, policeman jobs so a bit young however the exercise itself was good and something we can go back to when he is a little older.


Lesson objectives:

Give your child the opportunity to prepare the most important part of their CV, their
personal statement. Help them understand the “dos” and “don’ts” of CV writing

I have to admit we didn’t do this section yet. It seemed a bit early to even attempt it with Big L, who is 9 and a half. The lesson will be useful in the future though. It takes you through writing a personal statement, what they hope to achieve in their life and preparing a professional CV, how to set it our and so on.


This is quite a lengthy exercise and might be better to split into two sections, especially for younger ones. 

There are several different exercises to hep your child(ren) understand that knowing what they want, then how to get there and focusing on that will help them to fulfill their dreams:

Success Recipe

Lesson objective:

Give your child the opportunity to discover the “Success Recipe” and its “vital”
Help them understand the importance of starting with a destination in mind, and
demonstrate how having a goal helps them stay on course, even in tough times.
Help them to recognise which study and career options will help them achieve their
goals. Support them to create their own goals.

Destination – Get There 

Lesson objective:

to help your child discover that having
a clear goal/aim/destination to head towards, helps them to focus on where they
are now, and what steps they need to take in order to get there.

Ship Story

Lesson objective:

the purpose of this story is to explain that sometimes you get blown off course in life. Having a goal/purpose/direction helps you get back on track after the storm is over!

My Goal

This is a lovely exercise where your child has to think of how a family member or best friend would describe them in a speech when they reach old age. This is coupled with a reminder of how to become successful.

Preparing my future

Lesson objective:

Tell your child that choosing subjects to study and considering career options now that support their own personal goals, will help them get on the right path earlier and help them achieve their aims and dreams.

Now we have finished the Mindscreen course what do we think?

It has been very helpful for both myself and Big L. It is a great way to encourage your child and enable them to set plans and reach for the stars.

We found the first lessons very helpful, the last two were a bit too much for Big L but we plan to revisit them in a year or so when he is older and further on his academic career. For us the main thing to focus on is his confidence, self esteem, and mental health the academic and career side of things can follow in due course, helped by his improved self confidence and self esteem no doubt. I have noticed that following the course it has helped his self esteem, there are lots of exercises he can use to remind himself. I am sure we will go back over the course in a few months to refresh.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Mindscreen Experience

It is a fair amount of work but you get out what you put in and it is a lovely way to spend time with your child. To help and watch your child flourish is lovely and it is a course that you can go back to time and time again should you feel the need to. If you are expecting to be able to sit your child at the computer and leave them to it then this is not the course for you. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed working through the course with Big L. I learnt a lot about him and myself.






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