An incidentally perfect wedding day

I’m getting married! Well, I might be, if we ever get round to arranging it. I have been married before, we didn’t have children and we divorced after about 2 years. It wasn’t meant to be. Our wedding was at at the local register office and had our reception in a pub. Not the most romantic of days if truth be told.

Next time will be different, it will be better and it will be at least a little bit romantic, this is my hope anyway! I’ll be honest I don’t really know where to start. My previous wedding was arranged on the back of a napkin in Frankie & Benny’s – classy or what?! This time I would like to be a bit more prepared. At the time of my first wedding the best you could do was buy a couple of glossy magazines to leaf through for inspiration, but these days all you have to do is fire up the internet and check out the wedding websites.

I’ll be honest, I don’t want a big, white wedding, the only thing about my wedding that is big and white is me! We are considering getting married in France but it isn’t that easy. From what I can understand you or one set of your parents have to have resided in the town that you wish to marry in for the last xx number of days. This would limit us somewhat as we would have to marry in the town that Vince’s parents live in which is in the middle of France and takes a long time to get to. The issue here is that it means we can’t just pop over a few weeks beforehand to arrange things. We would have to rely on other people; and that’s just not me – I am a bit of a control freak.

My perfect wedding would be somewhere warm with my closest friends and family, possibly on the beach or near the sea. As a family we do love the sea! A simple day with nice food and drink (lots of drink!) and fun and laughter. I’d arrange it myself – did I mention I do like to be in control! I wouldn’t go overboard with table decorations but I would have cameras around or ask that people take lots of photos we can use to make our own album – I think I’d hire a professional photographer too. You only get married once, right?

I love this style from Monsoon

I’d like to wear something vintage or vintage inspired, maybe a tea dress. I’m *cough* curvy (to say the least) so I am not “meringue” material. I’m not sure if I would wear white or cream or something entirely different. It depends on when and where the “big event” takes place. I know I want both Big and Little L in attendance. Big L, once he has his head around the fact that he can’t marry me himself, will love it, in fact he’s planning on giving me away and making a speech! Little L who will be 3 by then will look super cute toddling around in smart clothes. What Monsieur Incidental will wear is anybody’s guess.

That is how far I’ve got, in my head at least. What would your perfect wedding day be?

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*Disclaimer – this is a sponsored article, written by myself, about how I would quite like my day to be


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