Keeping Your Kids Safe on the Latest Electrical Products

Keeping Your Kids Safe on the Latest Electrical Products

These days, kids seem to spend the majority of their lives playing with or using electronic devices. While there’s undoubtedly a lot of benefits that come with technology, there’s also quite a few risks too.

If your kids spend a lot of time on the latest electrical products, here you’ll discover some of the top ways to keep them safe.

Limiting screen time

Too much screen time can be really bad for our kids’ health. It’s surprising just how much time they do spend in front of a screen, whether it’s watching TV, playing on a tablet, or playing video games – it’s easy for kids today to spend the majority of their time staring at a screen.

While you shouldn’t ban screen time, it’s definitely advisable to limit it. Making sure you kids take breaks when playing video games and maybe limiting to one-hour sessions a day in front of a screen could prove effective. Similarly, you could ban the use of electrics at the dinner table and insist on at least an hour’s outdoor play several times per week.

Hoverboards and electric powered skateboards

Hoverboards and electric powered skateboards have become extremely popular in recent years. However, as many parents have learned the hard way, these fun and exciting products can prove to be a real safety hazard for kids.

Not only do you need to be careful where your kids use products such as hoverboards, but you also need to make sure they wear suitable safety gear. You can pick up safety gear for electric skateboards too such as a helmet and knee pads. This ensures if your child does fall off, they won’t end up in A&E.

Ban electric products an hour before bedtime

Another great tip is to ban electric products an hour before bed. In terms of using tablets and smartphones, the light emitted from the screens can lead to issues with sleeping. So, banning their use an hour before bedtime will definitely improve their sleeping pattern.

In terms of banning electronic products such as hoverboards an hour before bedtime, this will also help ensure your child gets plenty of sleep. An hour before bed, your kids should be calm and relaxed, so banning exciting fun devices will help with this.

So there you have it, some of the best ways to keep your kids safe on the latest electrical products. It’s all about moderation and ensuring if they play with electric products such as skateboards, they are wearing adequate safety gear.


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