Selling sites and getting those awkward bulky objects collected

I don’t know about you but I am a liiiittle bit addicted to selling sites on Facebook. They are like a rabbit hole – I go on to look for a jacket for my son and maybe a bookcase (you know, the essentials) then I’m looking at people’s interior decoration, the little hands that inadvertently creep in to the photos, the pets in the background and so on.  Before I know it I’ve looked at dining tables, sofas, arm chairs – do I need a double bed? No! Yet I still look. Actually I am interested in some bunk beds so with any luck… what with Facebook selling sites and the likes of Ebay and Gumtree I can while away hours. The best part is that you search in a set radius from your location so you know you won’t have to travel too far to collect the goods.

Until now I have always just browsed the larger items, the items that need a van to move them and only bought items I can easily put in my car. Apart from this one time I bought a dining table and 5 chairs. Not only do I have a hernia but I was also heavily pregnant at the time. I’m a determined so and so though and I got it all in the car in one go! There was no way I was driving 20 minutes there and back more than once. I had help though – I’m not completely mad! Had I known about Shiply then things could  have been so different!

Shiply are a firm that you can use to compare multiple delivery companies rates and choose one that suits you. Basically you list YOUR item on their website. A wide array of large item delivery companies will then check their schedules and contact you with a quote. The couriers on Shiply have slots to fill between jobs so they are looking to ensure they do not lose money for short periods going spare. This is why you are likely to get the best quotes using the website as they are already making these trips.

The transport providers will quote you in a “reverse auction” format and best of all you are able to see feedback provided by previous customers before you book.

A few months ago we moved home – it wasn’t without it’s hiccups that’s for sure. The new house is larger but we have less storage. I didn’t realise how much I used the airing cupboard now I don’t have one. Now I am on the hunt for a chest of drawers for our many, many clothes scattered around the bedroom, and a bookcase for our living room or maybe even a wardrobe. This is where Shiply will come in. Not only is my car not that big but following multiple operations I cannot lift heavy objects anymore, plus I have a toddler and that isn’t conducive to collecting large, heavy objects. So when I finally find the perfect furniture I will turn to them for a quote.


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