Should children be the privilege of the rich?

A friend of mine shared this on Facebook yesterday
The general consensus was that this was outrageous.  Some of her friends said they’d only had one child and given up their job as they were better off financially not working than paying out for childcare. Others said that there should be more money for childcare, I pointed out that in some Scandinavian countries mothers are paid to stay at home with their children. Not that I’m biased at all you understand.
Then one of her friends said, and I quote
“no one forces people to have kids.  It’s their choice”
I don’t normally rise to such comments on friend’s posts but that really gripped my tits. So I replied
“It’s also a choice some people don’t have.  Finances should not dictate whether someone can have children, maybe the number of children, but not whether they have them at all.  Children should not be the privilege of the rich.  Imagine what the world would become.”
I got a couple of “likes” and a “well said” and the lady that commented didn’t reply, as yet anyway.
Now, here’s the thing.  I chose to be a stay at home parent for my sake and the sake of my children.  It felt like the right thing to do for me and I actually wanted to stay at home.  I have friends that would rather be at home but have to work and I have friends that work because they would rather work than be with their children 24/7, for their sanity it seems (I can understand that!).   As far as I’m concerned mothers and fathers should have the CHOICE. You know.  That thing we’ve striven for all these years. Having children should not ultimately be a purely financial decision.
Yes, children cost the state but eventually those children will pay back everything and more.  Who do we think will be paying our state pensions when we’re old (if they still exist by then) certainly we’re paying towards the pensions of our parents and grandparents because they’re living longer these days (will you just give it up already? Only joking). I truly feel that parents should be able to choose whether to work or stay at home and they should be compensated accordingly by the state.  Either in the form of subsidised childcare or some sort of benefit for stay at home parents should it be required. Both types of parents have their merits. Working parents contribute to pay their taxes while  psychologists believe that children with parents who stay at home at least until school age are less likely to suffer from depression.  Surely that would mean they would cost the NHS less and the implications spread further even to the workplace, future relationships etc.
Who are we to judge people’s choices and why assume, as many do, that children from less fortunate families will amount to nothing? It’s, quite frankly, bollocks.

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