Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Everybody

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Valentine’s Day could well be the most romantic day of the year. I know a lot of people think it is too commercialised but I feel that can be a good reminder to spend some quality time with the one(s) you love. With that in mind here are some gift ideas to treat your loved one:

Pamper Time for Valentine’s Day

I don’t know about you but I am guilty of not prioritizing myself, this Valentine’s Day make time for yourself and give yourself a little pamper session!

Evolve Organic Beauty: The Radiant Rose Duo

Evolve Organic Beauty is British owned, sustainable and COSMOS certified organic or natural. Suitable for all skin types, this lovely Radiant Rose Duo contains Rose Quartz Facial Polish 30ml and Rosehip Miracle Oil 10ml

Introducing The Radiant Rose Duo, the perfect gift to treat yourself or someone special! Say goodbye to dull skin and unveil a radiant and rejuvenated complexion. Our exfoliating and nourishing skincare gift set contains two award winning products, our Rose Quartz Facial Polish and our Rosehip Miracle Oil.  

Gently exfoliate with our facial scrub crafted with a blend of natural ingredients, such as Organic Rosehip Oil and Organic Hibiscus Extract, perfect for buffing away dead skin cells, unclogging pores and improving the appearance of scarring. Follow with our Rosehip Miracle oil made with organic Rosehip, Argan and Black Seed oils to leave skin feeling regenerated and revitalised.

Evolve Organic Beauty Radiant Rose Duo RRP £26 currently on offer £20 BUY HERE


British owned and manufactured Dr. PAWPAW is a family owned company that was started in 2013. Treat your gorgeous skin do a sheet mask from Dr. PAWPAW followed by their Hydrating Day Cream.

The sheet masks, which are biodegradable, are available separately or as a bundle from Dr. PAWPAW online here 

glowing sheet mask: A biodegradable treatment that is nourishing, age-renewal, vegan, and suitable for all skin types.

hydrating sheet mask: A biodegradable, deeply hydrating vegan sheet mask that is suitable for all skin types.

soothing sheet mask: A biodegradable treatment that is nourishing, age-renewal, vegan, and suitable for all skin types.

The Hydrating Day Cream £18 is suitable for all skin types available from Dr. PAWPAW here

YOUR gorgeous SKIN Hydrating Day Cream is a lightweight, fragrance-free and vegan day cream formula that is highly effective in hydration and suitable for all skin types.

Powered by our hero ingredient PAPAYALURONIC(™), which provides the nourishing and soothing effects of the papaya extract, teamed with 8x hyaluronic acids which absorb into all 5 layers of the skin for instant and long-lasting hydration, resulting in super soft skin. Effective to use both in the day and at night – superior hydration soaks the skin and is absorbed quickly. This super nourishing melt-in moisturiser will leave skin feeling smooth, soft, and replenished with Vitamin E, which prevents cellular damage and repairs the skin barrier.

Dr. PAWPAW skincare range is also available from Superdrug which has 40% off from 31st Janurary through to 27th February – just in time for Valentine’s Day

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula

I love me a bit of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, it smells good enough to eat (don’t do it) and it moisturises really well.

Moisturizes Softens Body Oil:

Hydrate and Soften skin with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Body Oil, crafted with intensively moisturising Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E. Absorbs instantly for a radiant, healthy-looking glow. 48 hour moisture.

£5.79 available from Boots, Superdrug, Tesco and more!

Cocoa Body Scrub:

Reveal younger looking skin with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Cocoa Body Scrub.

This unique formula contains pure Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and natural crushed cocoa beans which moisturise, refine and polish skin.

£5.99 available from Superdrug 

Eco friendly jewellery and clothing for Valentines Day 

boostology+ Recycled sterling silver fox ring

Not only is this cute, sterling silver, fox ring made from recycled silver, it is also delivered in completely plastic free packaging. Another great feature is that it is also adjustable for those with larger fingers (like me, typing with my sausage digits!).

I really like the boostology ethos too:

Boostology is the brainchild of Martin Gerhard, a former BBC journalist. He has over 20 years’ experience in online retail and manufacturing, he’s developed a range of exclusive products – produced in small batches – that you can’t buy anywhere else.

Each one of our gifts is kind to you, and the environment. Here you’ll find special presents for extra special people, our range includes organic, vegan, plastic-free products and much more. We’re an independent business, and proudly LGBTQ+ owned.

There are loads of other products to choose from too, rings, cufflinks, candle holders, games and much more.

The recycled silver fox ring is £30 and available here

Fields sustainable unisex apparel 

When the tag line of a company is right up your street… “save the fucking planet”

Fields offers a whole range of sustainable, unisex apparel designed to be worn down the pub. From t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats to accessories with jeans to come soon, there is something your Valentine will love! I chose the Fields Bucket Hat £20 & Fields Curved Peak Cap £24 so we can mix and match. I know, I’m so cute!

I have always wanted to make a pair of jeans after years of never finding the correct size or fit. This led to me becoming an eco-fabric expert over lockdown and so the journey with hemp and Organic cotton began.

2 years later the jeans are almost complete, ready to share in small batch quantities. Plenty of apparel has now joined the collection which I hope everyone will enjoy. Designs inspired by band tees, truck logos, music, food, drink and clothing. Things that look good to wear to the pub!

Andy, founder of Fields 

Available directly from Fields online

Clothing for your Valentine

Lovall Ultimate Jeggings

Lovall started off life as Love Leggings and fast became a favourite. They have recently evolved into Lovall who specialize in all things trouser as well as adding tops and underwear to their collection.

I love a pair of jeggings and I can honestly say these are the most comfortable pair I have ever worn! The jeggings are supersoft and stretchy and didn’t sag even after doing over ten thousand steps around London. They also get bonus points for being tight all the way down to my ankles, being plus sized I find that a lot of jeggings have wider legs but my legs aren’t the same size as the rest of me!

Ultimate Jeggings £32 available directly from 

An indulgent sweet treat

Krispy Kreme Valentines Dough-notes

Yes! They really did taste as good as they looked, in fact better!

For Valentine’s Day Krispy Kreme have released their Dough-notes range including heart-shaped “You colour my world” featuring mouthwatering raspberry flavoured Kreme and “I love you a-choco-lot” (my personal favourite), filled with chocolatey Kreme and finished with a romantic rose frosting. Also available are “Without you I’d crumble”, filled with indulgent cookie dough Kreme,  and a feature pack exclusive Original Glazed doughnut dipped in pink icing, Such a Sweetheart.

Available individually or as a dozen – better than a dozen red roses, thanking you kindly! In stores until Valentines Day – grab them while you can!

For more details or to order online check out the Krispy Kreme website

Wickedly Welsh Romantic Rendezvous Deluxe

I was very excited to receive this as I was lucky enough to get a Wickedly Welsh Advent Calendar last Christmas and every chocolate was delicious! Unfortunately my children saw this so I have had to share. So far we have tried the Milk Chocolate Roses and the Eton Mess White Chocolate, both got the thumbs up and I had to fight them off the rest.

The box contains: 

  1. Two Mini-Lovespoon Packs: Each pack includes a milk and a dark chocolate lovespoon, symbolising the delightful variety of love.
  2. Ballotin of 6 Handcrafted Chocolates: A selection of beautifully crafted chocolates for a truly memorable tasting experience.
  3. 100g Pack of Milk and Dark Chocolate Roses: Elegantly created to represent the blossoming of romance.
  4. Welsh Sea Salt & Caramel Bar: A harmonious blend of sweet caramel and a hint of sea salt, creating a tantalising flavour.
  5. Vodka & Raspberry Bar: A bold mix of sumptuous chocolate, tangy raspberry, and a subtle vodka infusion.
  6. Eton Mess Bar: A delightful combination of classic Eton Mess flavours with creamy chocolate, embodying a beloved British dessert.

The ‘Romantic Rendezvous Deluxe’ is a testament to luxury and affection, offering a unique chocolate experience that combines traditional Welsh artistry with innovative flavours.

£25 available directly from Wickedly Welsh

A tasty tipple (or two) for Valentine’s Day 

Henson Castle Distillery Hand Crafted Gin – Blood Orange Zest

I love gin and I am quite looking forward to sampling this one. Based in South Wales, Hensol Castle Distillery offers a gin school (now that’s my kind of school!) and visitor centre. Of course they sell their own gin on site as well as online and selected stockists. 

Vibrant, fresh and exhilarating! Made with the freshest blood oranges, we add a single blood orange peel distillate to the already really well balanced Hensol Castle Welsh Dry. Bursting with Mediterranean blood orange and lemon flavours, whilst maintaining juniper throughout.  This distilled flavoured gin is the pinnacle of premium flavoured gins. Juniper and blood orange to begin, accompanying citrus and floral notes throughout with cassia bark and sour bite on the finish. 70cl – 40% ABV

£30 available directly from Hensol Castle Distillery 

Incognito Collector’s Edition Spiced Rum – Virgin Wines

They say that we taste with our eyes and the packaging for Incognito Collector’s Edition Spiced rum really is a feast for the eyes! The packaging is really quite something and made me think of The Greatest Showman.

I am quite keen on spiced rum so I am looking forward to trying this, unfortunately I have had a stinking cold so not been in the mood for much of a tipple.

This premium, small batch rum is an absolute stunner, both in the box and on the palate. The drink itself is adorned with strong, seasonal notes of caramel, cinnamon and blood orange, lined with deeper characteristics of vanilla and ginger. This would be the perfect base for a rich, brooding cocktail with ginger beer and muddled black fruits, but it’s interesting and complex enough to impress with just the simple addition of some cloudy lemonade. It comes in a beautifully detailed gift box and Incognito’s signature gift bag.

£51.99 available directly from Virgin Wines – Gentleman’s Tea Hamper

Something for the gentleman in your life, or you if you like munching on goodies. I know we’ll be sharing this one, mostly, I might hide the chocolate for myself!

Containing a host of afternoon tea with a twist goodies such as a beer and bitter from The Loose Cannon Brewery in Oxfordshire as well as sweet and savory snacks he will be spoilt for choice. I think this will make a rather lovely romantic afternoon/evening treat while watching a romcom, or Alien, whatever floats your boat! Just don’t eat the cheese too late or you might have some funny dreams (is that true or an old wive’s tale?).

This hamper (£65) and a plethora of other hampers are available directly from

Complete Sushi Kit from Kelly Loves

Why not treat your loved one to a home cooked meal, Kelly Loves style.

Packed full of everything you need to create your own romantic home made sushi meal:

Your complete sushi kit contains an exciting variety of high-quality products to make sushi rolls and maki, topped with mouth-watering fried onions and creamy, spicy mayo. Just add your choice of fish, chicken or veg. Our sushi kits make the perfect gift (to yourself… or someone else!). And there’s no need to gift wrap, as it comes in a stylish presentation box. Don’t worry if you haven’t tried making sushi before; this kit makes it easy.

£19.99 available directly from Kelly Loves 

Bouquet of Roses from Lego

If you are looking for something that lasts a lot longer than cut flowers but still want red roses then Lego have you covered! Regular readers will know that we are huge Lego fans, I find it very therapeutic, it is one of the things I can focus on for any length of time, so I am really looking forward to sitting down and making this. A couple of weeks ago I bought myself the Hedgehog Picnic Date too, it’s so cute!

Part of Lego’s Botanical Collection the Bouquet of Roses includes roses in 3 stages of bloom from bud to full bloom. If roses aren’t your thing then there is also a Wildflower Bouquet as well as lots of other plants and trees.

Bouquet of Roses is £54.99 and available directly from as well as in store

A supportive plushie for Valentine’s Day – Mood Bear

Mood Bears were created with mental health in mind. I think we can all agree that a cuddly toy can give you a little bit of hope when you are feeling down, at least I find giving a toy a cuddle makes me feel better! There are a few different Mood Bears currently in the range such as this one, Love Bear as well as Hope Bear, Silly Bear, Angry Bear and more! 

Each mood bear has the symbol for that mood embroidered on its feet and is brightly coloured. They can help people to express how they are feeling when they can’t find the words, these would be great for autistic people who might otherwise struggle to verbalise their emotions. 

Mood Bears are available in Large and Mini size as well as large talking versions.

Priced from £12.99 for the mini Mood Bear they are available directly from Mood Bear as well as Amazon, WH Smith and independent toy shops. 

Which is your favourite?


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