Valentines / Galentines – Top Tips for Surviving Valentines While Single

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Valentines has been replaced with Galentines for the single ladies, and why not?! 

I remember being single on Valentines Day all too well, it didn’t bother me much to be honest. What did bother me was the lack of card a flowers but I should have just bought myself flowers and got on with it. Anyway, I digress, how can single people “survive” Valentines Day? Here are my top tips, including what I really should have done!

Make plans with your friends to spend Valentines together by:

Staying in on Valentines with friends

Steer clear of those loved-up romantics and gather together your single friends and cook a meal or grab a takeaway. There is nothing worse if you are feeling down about being single than seeing lots of couples enjoying themselves – having said that one Valentines night I went out for dinner with Monsieur Incidental and we watched all those loved-up couples on their phones. They’d take a selfie looking oh-so-happy together then, I am guessing, post it to social media and go back to their business of looking at their phone. All is not what it may seem!

Choose a film you all enjoy, maybe a bottle of wine, and be grateful for your friendship. There is not much better than settling in for a non-romantic evening with friends. You can be yourselves, wear you pyjamas and chill out! You could even have fun checking out the free dating websites to see if you can find a potential date for next year, I know matchmehappy is one such site… 

Going out for dinner on Valentines with friends

Valentines galentines dinner

Why shouldn’t you go out and enjoy yourselves? If you can bear to spend the evening in the company of the loved-up couples, you know, the ones glued to their phones over dinner. Make sure you book in advance and take advantage of the Valentine offers that are available! Don’t forget to take selfies to post on social media to show everyone what fun you are having!

Go to the cinema on Valentines

cinema seats

What better way to spend Valentines evening in a darkened room, watching a film while stuffing your face? We like to treat ourselves to the posh seats that come with a bento box for special occasions – they are actually good value for money and you don’t need anything else to eat , and I can EAT! The cinema on Valentines is always a good plan if you don’t want to see couples being all lovey dovey as it’s dark and no one can talk. Win, win!

Swap cards and presents with friends on Valentines

valentines galentines

No one should be left out on Valentines day so why not treat yourself and your friends? Buy a bunch of flowers for each other, or a box of chocolates and a card. Don’t do it anonymously, they won’t thank you for it. Maybe make it a tradition every year then at least you now you’ll get at least one card!  

This is what I should have done for Valentines days while I was single, what would you add?





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