Weekend lie ins 

On our local mum’s network is a thread about who gets the weekend lie in.  You must bear in mind that this is a network primarily favoured by mothers but also those that care for children such as grandmothers, childminders etc etc. 

I thought the norm would be to take weekend lie ins in turns.  That’s certainly what Vince and I (try to) do.  One of us has Saturday and the other Sunday although I’m invariably woken up by Big L who comes in to check he can get out of bed….every day. Sometimes I can get back to sleep, others not so much. 

The majority of mums on the forum agreed that taking it in turns was the fairest option for their family.  Obviously what works for one family doesn’t work for all. People work different shifts and so on.  What concerned me was the number of women that were of the opinion that as their husbands/partners etc “work” earning money and they “stay at home” then the man deserved a lie in both days. 

What the actual f…

Don’t get me wrong, obviously the man in this situation is bringing home money which enables the woman to stay at home to look after their children. And their home.  I’m willing to bet that 9 out of 10 cook dinners for their partners, wash their dirty clothes, iron, clean, shop the list is endless.  I stay at home with Little L and let me tell you most days it’s no bloody picnic. 

I get up before Vince so I can have a shower before everyone else gets up.  Although Big L  is bumbling around downstairs by now.  After my shower I go downstairs.  Get Big L breakfast and Vince and I a coffee.  I put Vince and Big L ‘s packed lunches (that I prepared the evening before) in their bags so they don’t forget them. 

I get Little L up and changed and fed. 

Then I get dressed and chase Big L around shouting teeth, face, hands, pants, socks, trousers, shirt, shoes and WE’RE GOING TO BE LATE over and over again.  

Once we’re all ready I drag the pushchair out of the car and walk almost a mile to school at a pace only a 5 year old can get away with talking about minecraft and plants vs zombies (I actually really enjoy the walk to school as Big L talks a lot, it’s a lot of nonsense but, you know, he’s 5).

I drop Big L at school and walk back. 

Then, well frankly I have no idea what happens.  How the next few hours disappear so quickly I don’t know.  I manage to fit in washing and/or vacuuming or some other mindless task in between feeding, changing and trying to get Little L to sleep and then it’s 2.3o and I need to think about picking Big L up. I have to make sure Little L is fed and changed before we leave and off we go. 

We get home around 3.45/4ish. Then I try and juggle paying both boys attention while thinking of  something to make for dinner.

Vince gets in at 6.10. I’m usually under a crying baby and haven’t even started dinner yet. Where the last two hours went is anyone’s guess.

By the time we’ve eaten and both boys are in bed it’s 8.30 (if I’m lucky). Then I make both packed lunches and load the dishwasher. Then I sit down for an hour or so before going to bed.

What I’m saying is, if you’re a stay at home mum or “only” work part time unless you sit on your arse all day scoffing Pringles and cake while watching box sets on TV you deserve a lie in too. You might not be making any money but you’re sure as hell contributing to the household. 

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