The Lows and Lows of Baking with Kids

Baking with kids – what a joy!

I always had big ideas, nay, ideals, of baking with my children.

When I was little I used to bake with my mum and my Granny. Granny used to bake once a week on a Thursday. She had a big mixing bowl and I would go to her house and help. I have fond memories of the quality time spent with her. Bonding over a mixing bowl and licking the spoon. It was idyllic.

Well, that woman must have had the patience of a saint

Either that or I was a darn site better at cooking than my clumsy-arsed kids.

When Big L was little we got him a little chef set. Nothing fancy just from the Early Learning Centre. It came with an apron and oven glove. The oven glove was, of course, useless.

baking with kids, baking with children, children's apron

Big L having fun baking in his apron

No one let’s children get hot things out of an oven, do they?

And as for the apron…what’s the fucking point? They come undone and any surface area that the apron doesn’t cover gets covered anyway. The apron basically acts as a stencil and your child has an apron- shape left on them

Don’t even get me started on breaking eggs. Half of them end up on the side and the shell ends up in the mixture. It’s a pain in the arse.

They’re only interested in licking the bowl anyway…

I thought baking with kids would be a good way to teach Big L about measuring and maths…

Me: “I’ll pour this in and you let me when the number is 150, OK?”

Big L… Looks around the room at anything but the scales

Me: “Are you paying attention?”

Big L wanders off.

The scales end up at 228g and I end up baking alone.

So when you get past the eggs, the mess and the (lack of) maths you have the hygiene.

Dear god the hygiene!

Of course we always wash our hands before cooking, and we ensure our children do too. But inevitably a finger will end up a nostril or scratch a bum and BOOM. Your cupcakes are ruined by bogeys and all sorts – and that’s just me.

They’re only interested in licking the bowl anyway. So bake by yourself and let them have the bowl when you’ve finished.

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