Yoghurt for lunch

​We went to Bewl Water today. For those of you who don’t know it’s a reservoir with water sports, boat trips, play ground etc etc.  It was quite a hectic morning and I might have been a bit Mumzilla…

We got there at lunch time so headed straight for the cafe.  

I asked Big L what he would like to eat.  He looked at the board and pointed out the children’s lunch boxes.  Clever little so and so can read and everything.  In the cafe I noticed they were doing chicken nuggets and chips (that’ll save me from cooking tonight) nope.  Lunch box it is.  We spend 5 minutes deciding which cheese sandwich looks the most appetising and make our way to the check out.  The lunch box consists of a cheese sandwich (one slice of bread) a fruit juice, a yoghurt, an apple and an Alpen bar.  

Lunch box purchased we find a table and start to eat.  Big L had one bite of his sandwich and starts eyeing the yoghurt.  

“Sandwich first” I say

“I don’t like cheese anymore”

(You have to be fucking kidding me)

“Give it here I’ll take it out”

(Scrape scrape)

“There’s still some in there”

(Give me strength)

Little L  kicks off. It was hot.  A lot of kicking off has been occurring lately. 

“Just shake it out and eat it ”

“Maybe I don’t want the lunch box after all”

(Now he’s taking the piss)

“Just eat your sandwich”

(Looks at me with big brown eyes)

“Do you want your yoghurt”

(Nods head.  He’s won)

“Go on then”

(Eats yoghurt)

“I’m still hungry”

“How about the apple? Or the bar?”

(Shakes head)

(Now I’m feeling guilt for everything I’ve ever done wrong as a mum, particularly this morning)

“Would you like an ice cream?”

(Even he looks at me in disbelief)

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I ended up spending a fiver on one yoghurt and another £2.50 on a poxy ice cream.  I thank you! 

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