Box Set Fever – our favourites from recent years

Way back when I was a twenty-something there was no such thing as a “box set”, the best I had was a video recorder

I would go out for the evening and pray that the video recorder was actually recording whatever it was that was cool at the time. These days we have Sky, or Netflix or Virgin Media (other television providers are available) and with them come…the BOX SET

Being the parent of two small boys I don’t get out much. In the last 7 years we have come to love box sets. We snuggle up on the sofa in the evening and feed our greedy little habit watching on our Panasonic Oled Television  until either, one of us falls asleep or the series ends whichever comes first.

Here are a few of our favourite box sets (there are more but I have a terrible memory and I’ll save them for a part two):

True Blood

about a small town in America when vampires “come out of the closet”. There are vampires, Faeries, Werewolves. What’s not to love? The actors are pretty easy on the eye too so…

Breaking Bad

a chemistry teacher is diagnosed with terminal cancer and is concerned he won’t leave his family with enough money to live on.

Game of Thrones

This series is ongoing. There are dragons, incest, be headings, lots of blood and nudity. It’ll keep you warm on cold winter nights for sure

Big Little Lies

one of my favourites. The story centres around a group of women all with children at the same school. You know someone dies from the outset, you just don’t know who or why until the end of the last episode. It’s fantastic

Stranger Things

a kid goes missing. His friends don’t believe he’s dead. It’s set in the 80’s – WATCH IT!

The Walking Dead

a world where flesh-eating zombies are taking over and humans cannot be trusted anymore. We were hooked from the first episode, it’s getting a little slow lately but hopefully it’ll pick up again

Save Me

Written by Lennie James this was one we watched over a couple of nights. Nelly’s estranged daughter goes missing while seemingly coming to visit him. He goes on a quest to find her and discovers something very sinister

The Tunnel

As Monsieur Incidental is French we both enjoyed this. In the first series a body is found in the middle of the Channel Tunnel, half in the English side and half in the French. The two sides have to work together to solve the mystery. The relationship between the two leads is fabulous and we were hooked for all 3 series.

Silicon Valley

we stumbled across this gem and it’s hilarious! It’s about a group of nerds living in Silicon Valley when one of them invents something that creates a bidding war between two companies. The series follows the hilarious highs and  lows of the group.

That should be enough box sets to whet your whistle for the time being. Please do let me know what you think of them or what you would add!

*this was a collaborative post

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