The Massage Company, Tunbridge Wells – a review

I’ll be honest, when they approached me to review, I wasn’t sure what to expect from The Massage Company

I had visions of it being a bit clinical. Less “spa”, more “corporate”. I expected it to be kind of like a supermarket for massages. Go in, pick one, pay and leave.

This was not our experience at all!

We visited The Massage Company on a gloomy Tuesday evening

But we were greeted with a very warm welcome. We arrived early to complete the relevant paperwork. Along with the usual medical  information it also included details of anywhere you didn’t want to be touched. I thought this was nice, that way you don’t have to say “please don’t touch my feet” or wherever, it’s all written down.

While we waited in the reception at The Massage Company we were offered water and had a chat with the very lovely man on reception. It turns out we have sons of the same age, so we compared notes. It turns out most second children are very different from first children – if you know, you know. 

He didn’t know we were there for a review at first which I prefer, that way I know they’re treating me the same as any paying customer.

The reception area is very relaxing and feels more like a spa than a high street shop. 

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The Massage Company – Reception

Monsieur Incidental and I both used the toilets before our massage and they we very clean and, like you would expect in a spa, stocked with high quality products.

As Monsieur Incidental and I were both having a massage we were offered the choice of a couples room or separate rooms. We opted for the couples room with two beds. Our therapists went through what we wanted from the massage, relaxing, sports and so on,  and offered us add-on treatments. We both chose scalp massages but they also offer hot stone, aromatherapy and foot massage. Next time I’ll have hot stones for relaxation, as recommended by my therapist.

Our experience at The Massage Company, Tunbridge Wells

We were left to undress to our underpants and lay on the bed. The beds were comfortable, and had blankets to cover yourself (and protect your modesty) and heated. I instantly felt relaxed. 

Our therapists came back in and began with the scalp massage. No oil is used for this so you don’t end up with greasy hair.

We each had a full body massage, at our requested pressure. Our therapists checked regularly (but not too regularly) that we were happy with the pressure. At all times we were covered up. When when had to roll from back to front the therapist was keen to ensure we were comfortable and covered. 

The treatment lasted 50 minutes, just short of an hour (including getting undressed and dressed again) and was amazing

I’d forgotten how it feels after a massage. Not only do you feel relaxed and invigorated but I felt like I’d done something for ME. All this talk of self care and I often forget to look after myself.

After our massage we paid for the extra treatments and were asked if we’d like to become members. Membership starts at £49.95 and includes one full 50 minute massage a month. We were very tempted, but at the moment it is not something we can budget for. 

*we were gifted the main massages free of charge (we paid for the add-ons) but all opinions are mine and Monsieur Incidental’s

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