I am a big softie

I would be quite happy if we could all just get along. To that end Anna from Me, Annie Bee and I set up our Facebook group Les Femmes Ensemble (which means ‘Women Together’ in French).

We were both a bit fed up of negativity, of women bitching about women. The group was set up with the aim of bringing all women together. To support each other. With no agenda other than motivating women to be kind to one another.

Les Femmes Ensemble is for ALL WOMEN, or those that identify as such.

We know there are some fabulous groups out there already but they are mainly for mums, or non mums. Our group is for all of us. I am a mother and I have some fabulous friends that don’t have children and I would like to be able to share a group with them.

As women we don’t yet have equal rights to men and, in order to obtain that, Anna and I believe that we need to unify. We need to come together, to stop tearing strips off each other. To recognise each other’s achievements, and to help one another to achieve more.

Imagine a world with no fat or thin

Where it doesn’t matter if you have children or not

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, if anything

No one cares what clothes you wear

Or where you were born

Or what you earn

What music you listen to

What car you drive

Where you live

Where you holiday

Where you shop

How many partners you’ve had

None of these things define you. YOU define you. Screw everything else.

That is what Les Femmes Ensemble is about. YOU. We want to know about you. What makes you tick. What gets you riled. And why?

Les Femmes Ensemble is a place where all opinions are valid

Debate can be had without fear of reprisals because we respect each others opinion and we LISTEN. We absolutely DO NOT tolerate bullying or hate speech of any kind.

Don’t get me wrong we aren’t all about debate, we enjoy a bit of banter and like to let off steam too.

So if you fancy somewhere different. Somewhere that kids aren’t the topic of conversation. Where you can make friends and have a moan, share a laugh (we love a meme) ask advice and revel in our achievements. What are you waiting for? Join us here

Lots of love,

Erica & Anna

PS we do have a sister group Mother Femmes where parents (yes, it’s open to dads too) can rant about their children without boring the tits off of everyone. Although it is open to all members of Les Femmes Ensemble as we intend to be inclusive of all women

PPS We will also have a Christmas group starting soon as Anna and I love Christmas but appreciate it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea

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