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HERE! Category number 5 – Inspire

When I started my blog about 2 years ago it wasn’t intended to be inspirational

I started it because I like to make people laugh and, although I was diagnosed with Crohn’s 4 years previously and had many (many, many) subsequent operations, the disease had behaved itself for a while.

Originally I wrote about having a baby and the horrors of the school run with a newborn in tow but shortly after I began my blog I started to flare. Crohn’s is a funny disease (it’s not, it’s bloody horrid). You can go ages thinking everything is fine, and then it’s not. It’s really, really not.

I’ve always been fairly open about my life

I’m pretty much an open book and writing about living and parenting with Crohn’s has been no exception. It’s kind of a warts and all approach which I think (hope) people appreciate. I write about good days and bad days. That’s living with Crohn’s disease. I would do fellow sufferers (I hate that term – sufferer) a disservice if I only posted positive things, it’s perfectly normal to find living with a chronic illness depressing. I have written about my struggle with mental health and this is something else I feel very strongly about.

#operation # hospitalgown #surgicalstockings

Putting on a brave face before an operation in 2017

I don’t want people’s pity, I want their understanding

I want to help other people in similar situations. I kind of feel that this blog has become a positive for everything I go through with Crohn’s. It almost makes it worthwhile.

I may have Crohn’s but it doesn’t have me

I want parents of children with Crohn’s to know there is hope. I want people who suffer from Crohn’s to know there is a life past the disease. Although the disease can affect most areas of your life and there are times that it will take over it doesn’t have to rule your life completely.

I have two young boys and juggling medical appointments, operations, procedures (I have infusions at hospital every 8 weeks) and medication as well as the inevitable symptoms and side effects take their toll on family life. They put pressure on all your relationships, with your partner, family and friends.

I know a lot of bloggers with Crohn’s and other chronic illnesses but I think I might be a bit different in that I’m a middle-aged woman with two children.

This year’s inspiration category is dedicated to Kate Sutton aka Wit Wit Woo who sadly passed away earlier this year

Although she was fairly local to me I’d not met her, but having heard about her from friends she sounds like my kind of woman. There are tales of getting very drunk in London – that’s a bit of me! She inspired the hashtag #bemorewitwitwoo – check it out, it’s very uplifting.

This brings me on to another of my passions is women’s rights and supporting women. I even have a Facebook group which is open for ALL women, aiming to be an alternative to the usual mum’s and non mum’s forums, with my pal and fellow blogger, Anna. You can check it out here if you like.

Anyway, I think I have gone on for long enough, there are many inspirational blogs in the category this is just why I would love you to vote for me.

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