Getting the garden ready for summer

You may have read that we moved house last year (you can read about why here). Despite it being a terrible time for us to move it actually worked out for the best and we’ve ended up with a bigger house and garden. The only thing is the garden is a bit, well, boring! Our old house had well established borders which added a lot of green but this house is just grass and a fence. What to do?!

Since we rent we can’t really make borders so what I’m planning on is tubs, lots of tubs! I am a big fan of tubs because you can move them around to suit your needs and the flowers at each time of year. Plus you can move them to mow! I’ve had some tubs for coming up for 10 years now with lovely fuchsias in. Fuchsias grow quite tall and bushy and are fairly hardy (at least these must be because they haven’t died on me yet) they also give lots of vibrant colour and bees love them!


Fuschias add a pop of vibrant colour


Big L is of an age where he’s interested in flowers and insects so we bought a pack of meadow-flower seeds from the local supermarket, although we can’t sow them on the ground I have a couple of troughs that I plan on filling with compost and sowing them in, and in the autumn we can plant bulbs in them for spring colour next year. If I remember we might even attempt to plant sunflowers in them – we’ve had no success with sunflowers yet; they always get eaten by slugs!


We hope to have some success with sunflowers this year

I have also treated us to some window boxes to hang over the fence for a bit of high level colour. I thought I could fill them with the same sort of flowers you put in hanging baskets for a waterfall effect and to disguise the fence a little. So I will be on the hunt for the likes of trailing pansies, petunia, begonia and so on.

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I love this style of patio furniture

After all that hard work you need something comfortable to relax on and enjoy your garden. We’ve had our current garden furniture since we moved in together 8 years ago. It has done us very well! Since our family has grown in the last few years we need a larger table and more chairs and Groupon has some great deals on patio and garden furniture. We love a barbecue in the summer and having friends round so our little table and 4 chairs don’t cut the mustard any longer. I’ve always fancied a rattan set but we don’t have anywhere to store it over winter. Maybe one day…

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