How to Revamp Your Home Without Blowing the Budget

How to Revamp Your Home Without Blowing the Budget

Whether you have lived in your home for decades or you moved in six months ago, it’s always fun to spend some time thinking about the ways you can give it a makeover. It needn’t be a huge revamp, though. Even small changes can have a big impact.

If you’re looking for some inspiring ways to update the home without spending a fortune, check out these ideas.

Move it

Before you start buying new bits and bobs, assess what you already have. You know your home and the layout better than anyone and sometimes the most effective transformation comes from rethinking where you place your existing furniture.

By shifting your sofa to the other side of the room, moving the shelves and rerouting your TV, you can totally transform your living spaces – and make it easier to get around. Once you are happy with where everything is, you can start thinking of the furniture that can be ditched and move onto the fun bit: buying new stuff.

Lighting up

The summer months mean lighter nights and we all know that everyone is happier when we see more daylight. Changing your lighting indoors can also make you happy and can completely transform the look of a space. If you have always wondered how best to enhance a particular corner, a new lamp could make all the difference. Brass is the new metallic trend for this season and a shiny golden light can brighten the darkest spaces.

Give it a Rest

Updating the bedroom can involve anything from adding some new pillows to changing the furniture completely. If you would like to be on trend in your bedroom, Pantone’s colour of the year is ultra violet, a vibrant purple hue that works well on cushions, curtains, and other furnishings.

Sometimes, though, a good night’s sleep needs a full rethink, especially if you have health issues that can interrupt your 40 winks. A new mattress or even a new bed, such as the ones available from Mobility Solutions, can be the perfect way to revamp your room – and your sleep!

A Lick of Paint

Grey was – and still is – the go-to colour for properties large and small, but should you be ready for something new, sage green is the neutral colour for 2018. Painting a room is probably one of the most dramatic ways to give your home a new look, but it can totally change the feel to a room and refresh tired spaces that need some TLC.

Accessorise, Darling!

Tiny details can give the whole home a new look. Whether you channel the tropical trend by adding some lush green leaf prints and parrots to your plates or strategically place some vases filled with flowers around house, you needn’t blow the budget when adding some finishing touches.

Is your home in need of a revamp? What changes will you make?

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