How to Temporarily Brighten Up Your Home for Spring

How to Temporarily Brighten Up Your Home for Spring

As the warmer weather slowly arrives, many of us begin to think about spring cleaning and getting our homes in order for the upcoming season. If you’re thinking about redecorating for spring and summer, you don’t want to make any permanent changes as they’ll soon be out of date by the time winter rolls around again. Instead, consider the following ideas for brightening up your home in a temporary manner.

Switch Rugs

Thick, woolly rugs are great for winter and feel warm and snuggly under your feet. Switch these for thinner, lighter options such as sisal rugs. Not only will these look more summery but they will literally add a little spring underfoot. Or if you have carpeted floors you might not even need any rugs throughout the summer months. Make sure you have room to store your winter rugs away, so they can be brought out when the temperature drops later in the year.

Replace Curtains

You probably won’t close your curtains as much anyway, letting in more natural light, but when you do it’s a good idea to bring in some light-coloured options. Pale and white coloured curtains from Direct Blinds can create a light and airy feel, really freshening up a room. Again, you’ll need space to store your thicker winter curtains or blinds until they’re needed again.

Hang Summer Paintings

Match the lighter coloured rugs and curtains with more seasonal paintings hanging from your walls. Or simply replace the frames of your existing photos and paintings with lighter coloured frames, as it will have a similar effect. In some cases, you may be able to place a new photo or painting over an existing one, or simply take the winter one down.

Add Some Flowers

Adding real or fake flowers to a room will have an instant spring effect. Real ones in a vase are best as you get the bonus of a lovely spring scent. The range of colours available means you can find a bunch or two that will match the design of any room.

Light the Right Candles

Another good way to get that true spring or summer smell into your home is by lighting a few scented candles. This is a great option if you or someone in your household is allergic to flowers, for example. Plus, if you accidentally pick one that you don’t like the smell of, you can just get rid of it.

These tips should help you quickly create a spring atmosphere in your home, while making it easy to revert back to a winter style later in the year.

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