Keep the Chill Away from your Home this Winter

Sometimes, no matter how much we try, we just can’t seem to get warm. It doesn’t matter whether we’re at home, work or out and about, sometimes the winter weather is just so harsh that heating ourselves up is near impossible.

We can often accept this while we are outdoors or at work, often popping on a coat or jumper to add that extra layer of warmth, but at home, it’s a completely different matter.

With the UK weather remaining cold, and expected to get even colder, we’ve compiled a list of ways you can make rooms in your home warmer, without having to layer up.


Although you may have a fireplace in the living room and radiators throughout the home, sometimes it just isn’t enough. This can be tackled with the introduction of space heaters, which can be easily moved throughout the home to provide that extra blast of heat when you need it the most. Available from multiple outlets such as Coopers of Stortford, these don’t have to be bulky and ugly anymore, with a number of stylish designs now on the market to match your décor.

Cover Windows

Luckily, we don’t mean cover them up so no one can ever see in again. But, because cold weather from outside transfers through the glass of the window, instead you should try using heavier coverings. By this, we mean try covering your windows with a heavier blind or curtains during the winter to help insulate the room better.

Move Furniture

This may sound strange, but hear us out. As drafts or cold air often enter the rooms through the windows or doors, if your sofa, chair or bed happen to be near one of these, chances are you’ll be colder in these spots than other places within the home. Therefore, by moving them into other areas, you could help keep yourself slightly warmer – and it also offers the chance for you to switch up your room from time to time.


This may sound obvious, but realistically one of the first things you should do is check for drafts in your home. This means checking your windows and doors to see if any of the hot air is leaking out into the cold outdoors. By finding and fixing these, not only will you keep yourself warm during those harsh winter months, but you’ll also save on some money, and stop unwanted bugs from creeping inside.

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