The Lazy Gardener’s Guide

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During the summer month’s people like to spend time relaxing and entertaining in their gardens. What they do not want to have to do is spend hours maintaining it, as unless gardening is your hobby, that can take the pleasure of it away. However, that does not mean your garden cannot be a beautiful place to enjoy, you just need to look at these lazy gardener tips.

Artificial Lawns

Laying an artificial lawn will mean it will never need mowing or trimming and it will always look good without any effort. This might seem like a daunting task but at LazyLawn they can make the whole process very simple. They have a range of grasses to choose from that are all reasonably priced, and they will advise you which is the best for your garden.

Synthetic grass is very long lasting but the key to having a beautiful lawn for a long time is in the preparation and installing of the product. It is best to use experts that know the correct way to do this.

Fake Plants

Plastic plants have improved greatly to what they were when they were first introduced many years ago. Now it is hard to tell from the real thing, and planting some of these in your flowerbeds could save a lot of work. They will not stop any weeds from growing but at least you will not have to care for them as you do real plants.

Choose Slow Growing Plants

If you want to use real plants opt for ones that are slow growing. These will not spread all over your garden and help to keep down the amount of work needed. Place them to give the maximum effect and they will reward you will beautiful displays with next to no effort.

When choosing the plants, include a few that will keep pests under control. If there are ones that will attract natural predators, such as ladybirds, it will save you the time in treating plants with an anti-bug spray. Plants with strong smells, lavender being a typical example, will also have the same effect.

Use Stones And Slabs

Edge all your lawn and flowerbeds with edging stones and have paths to different parts of the garden. They do not have to be made from plain slabs and many people prefer the ‘crazy-paving’ effect. This is very simple to do. You just need some broken slabs or stones that can be laid in any way you want. The secret is to make sure they are level on the surface so that no one trips up on them.

Enjoy Being A Lazy Gardener

There is nothing to be ashamed of in not liking gardening, it is not everyone’s choice of passing time. However, even if you do not have green fingers, you probably will enjoy relaxing out there when the sun is shining.

Using some of the suggestions above will make this possible and you will be able to make the most of your outside space with a minimal amount of work.

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