Making the Most of Small Spaces to Declutter Family Rooms

If you’ve got a fairly small home, you may find it’s frustratingly easy to become cluttered. When storage space is limited, it can be difficult keeping everything clean and organised. However, there are ways you can make the most of small spaces in order to de-clutter family rooms. Here, you’ll discover just some of them.

First things first – de-clutter

The first thing you should do is to start de-cluttering the home. This means, throwing out anything which you don’t use or need anymore. Do you have a drawer full of receipts, paperwork and all kinds of miscellaneous stuff? If so, now’s the time to sort it out.

It’s pointless taking up storage space with things you’re unlikely to need or use again. So, start by eliminating unnecessary clutter. You might just be surprised by how much space this frees up.

Invest in clever shelving

Shelving is by far one of the best storage solutions for smaller homes and rooms. You can get all kinds of styles and sizes too, so no matter what theme you need to stick to, there’s a shelving solution out there to match your needs. Take a look at the different types of shelving available from companies such as Utility, for a little inspiration.

Don’t just think wall shelves – there’s a huge range of freestanding and wooden shelving options available too.

Consider vertical space

Another thing you can do, is take advantage of any vertical spaces you have available. Look above you and down at your feet, are there any potential storage spaces you haven’t considered? The loft is an obvious solution, but you could also have space above a wardrobe or above the bed for example. You can buy excellent over-bed storage solutions which are definitely worth checking out.

By taking advantage of vertical spaces, you can easily store away anything you don’t want the kids to get hold of. Just remember – don’t store anything too heavy higher up as your kids could still try and reach them, knocking them down in the process. This could result in a trip to A&E which you could definitely do without!

The above are just a few great storage ideas for small homes. By de-cluttering and organising your family rooms, you can enjoy a more spacious, inviting family home. If you do invest in shelving, make sure you secure it well to prevent potential injuries!


*This was a collaborative post

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