The importance of car servicing

I’ve been driving for over ten years now

Since having children I have taken the safety of my car even more seriously than I did previously.

I always have a full service done at the same time as the MOT. I book my car in with my favourite local garage because I know I can trust them. They will not only do a full service but also anything needed to get my car through it’s MOT before taking it in, saving me time and money.

In a full service you will have the general condition of the vehicle checked

They will state of  the wheels and brakes and steering controls. They will also drain the engine oil and replace the oil filter and check for leaks. Alongside this they will check the battery, the last thing you want at any time of year is a flat battery, but particularly in the winter when you are putting more pressure on it.

You can get your vehicle checked at Jet Wheel Tyre where they offer an excellent service.

My car has a full service annually as I think it is very important to ensure it is not just road worthy but also safe

There are different levels of car service from a major service to full service and interim. This is usually determined on the number of miles your vehicle has done. I also always have a mini holiday service before driving to France (or other long distance) and have a winter service before the ice sets in. I know I can do some of these things myself but I like to be assured that a professional has checked everything over.

Having a service before we drive a long distance puts my mind at rest that the car is in tip top driving condition and less likely to break down

I like to have a winter service so I know that my car is road worthy in the cooler months. This includes topping up anti freeze and so on but, most importantly, changing to winter tyres.

We don’t get many days of snow or ice here but when we do it is worth being prepared. Winter tyres mean not only are you safer on the road but other road users and pedestrians are safer too. This is because they give you the grip required and means you have better control of your vehicle, especially if you need to stop suddenly. 

I think you’ll agree that the initial outlay of a service and winter tyres outweighs the cost of a breakdown or potentially an accident.

*This is a collaborative post


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