What does the colour of your bedroom say about you?

What does the colour of your bedroom say about you?

Our house is rented and decorated by our landlord. However, that does not mean we cannot stamp our personality in the bedroom.

We moved a year ago!

I’m so glad we did because we have a bigger house for the same rent. It is also much more tastefully decorated. Our old bedroom had yellow walls and an orange carpet – YUCK!

This house is decorated the same throughout, with muted grey tones on the walls, white ceilings and *shock horror* cream carpets (I’m not a fan of a cream carpet I have to admit the cleaning drives me insane).

Our new bedroom is much more calming

I am a bit addicted to new duvet covers. In the sale a while ago I bought a navy one with stripes but I really don’t like it, it makes the bedroom feel heavy and cold. I much prefer our aqua one, it has a much lighter, more calming feel.

When choosing duvet covers I have to take into consideration that Monsieur Incidental isn’t keen on anything too “girly” – I find a lot of them are a bit floral for his liking. I do really like bright, patterned duvets but I need something more muted to sleep.

I have recently found https://www.juliancharles.co.uk/bedding – there is a vast choice of patterns here to suit all tastes.

We have a Super King size bed!

It’s great. We have had it for several years – pre-children in fact. We moved last year and it was touch and go whether it would fit into our bedroom (I’m not ashamed to admit that I measured the rooms of the houses we viewed to make sure it would fit).

When we bought the bed we didn’t do it with children in mind, but it was definitely the right choice seeing as in the morning the two boys pile in together, luckily there is just enough room for the four of us!

Compromising practicality but not style

I think when you have young children it is easy for your bedroom to turn from a sanctuary where you sleep to somewhere something akin to a teddy bears picnic! This doesn’t have to be the case, you can still allow your personality to shine though with your taste in bedding.

*this is a collaborative post

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