Why The Incidental Parent?

Hello and welcome to the place where I share all some of my deepest, darkest thoughts.  Being a Mother isn’t “a minor accompaniment” to my life as “Incidental” is described in the English Dictionary.  It kind of IS my life! But I did have a life before parenthood and I do have a life outside being a mother. Being a parent is the single most important, rewarding, stressful, painful, gratifying, soul-destroying (at times) thing I have ever done and I love it.  I chose to be a stay at home parent and, bugger me, it’s hard graft!

Not only am I a mother but I’m also a lover, daughter, friend, (ex) colleague the list goes on. I still have thoughts and beliefs outside and alongside being a mother so in a way I’m Erica and, incidentally, a parent.

You can also find me on Facebook where I post more random nonsense, Instagram where I will spam you with photos of my kids and arty photos that were lucky shots and Twitter where I have little idea what I’m doing but I’m learning.  The little icons to find my pages are up there somewhere ^^^ they’re pretty big, you can’t miss them.

I hope you enjoy my blog if you do please feel free to leave a comment, subscribe and all that jazz.

Thanks for reading


Erica xx

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