Jesus wept people. St.George’s Cross is NOT racist.  I don’t think it is.  Why do you feel the need to share pictures on Facebook suggesting it is? The fact that you do suggests you think it is too. Although I have to admit when I see it I have a pang of “oh shit the EDL are on one again”

St. George’s  Cross has been pinched by twatty right wing extremists and you are buying into their propaganda. Get a grip. It’s England’s flag.  Take it back from those wankers and make it something to be proud of.  Don’t go shouting “if you don’t like it get out of my country” you’re just embarrassing yourselves and,frankly, it’s racist!

There, I said it.  Now stop whining that people think you’re racist because no one gives a shit

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  1. Blimey you’re taking a chance although I do agree, it’s the flag of England and has been hijacked by the far right, we want ot back

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