10 Tropical Preserves to Try with Kids

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We’ve seen them on holiday but they are no where to be seen in the local shops, yes I am talking about tropical fruit preserves.

If you can’t find them in the shop maybe should could have a go at making them yourself?

I found some top tips from BBC goodfood, including using slightly under-ripe fruit – I had always thought you were supposed to use over ripe, you learn something new every day! You can see all the top tips here

Of course you will need recipes, look no further than The Works for their huge range of cookbooks for recipes and baking ideas to suit every budget.

Some of the fruit you might consider making jam with and why: 


Pineapples originate from South America. They are full of fibre and a variety of vitamins a minerals such as vitamins A & C and calcium. Here is a recipe for pineapple jam 

Blood Oranges

Blood Oranges originated from Sicily and Spain. They are one of my favourite fruits! Containing powerful antioxidents ad a high level of vitamin C they are lovely as a juice as well as made into a sorbet and marmalade. Here is a recipe for blood orange marmalade


Peaches are native to China and boast a whole host of health benefits including vitamins C, E, A & K. They are best enjoyed fresh and ripe. Here is a recipe for peach jam 


Once reserved for breakfast and starters grapefruit are increasingly popular. Originating from Barbados they are high in nutrients yet low in calories which explains why they are popular among dieters. Here is a recipe for grapefruit marmalade


Mangoes are native to India and South East Asia. Mangoes work well in smoothies as well as preserves. Here is a recipe for mango preserve 


Originating from West Africa watermelon is a deliciously adaptable fruit which helps keep you hydrated. Low in calories but high in essential vitamins like A & C watermelon are particularly popular  with my children! Here is a recipe for watermelon jam


Guava might not be top of your list to try to preserve but being rich in antioxidents they are definitely worth trying. Guava are native to Mexico and the Americas. Here is a recipe for guava jam 


Papaya aka Pawpaw (I did not know that until today!) is native to Mexico but it grows naturally in the Caribbean and Florida too. They’re versatile and can be used in smoothies and added to salad. Naturally rich in vitamins and antioxidents make Papaya a good all-rounder. Here is a recipe for Papaya jam 


Lychee, these perfumed fruits are a family favourite in our house. We like them from the tins (although that probably isn’t very healthy since they are in syrup). Lychees are native to China but also cultivated in India. Lychees are high in vitamins B & C as well as magnesium, iron and folate. Here is a recipe for lychee jam 

Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit – We had a beautiful passionflower at our previous house but it bore the wrong sort of fruit, I tried it, it wasn’t pleasant! The passion fruit you buy locally is native to the tropics of South and Central America but are grown anywhere that has a suitable climate. As well as being delicious they are versatile and rich in vitamins A & C as well as containing iron and potassium. Here is a recipe for passion fruit jam 

For a simple recipe try this one for jam from the BBC

I hope you found some inspiration from my ideas. What fruit would you try and why?


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