5 unmissable activities in Barcelona to do with the whole family

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Are you planning a family trip and you can find any suitable location? We might have the answer for all your problems. Travel to Barcelona with kids and find all the activities you can enjoy as a family.

You’ll quickly fall in love with this beautiful city, you’ll wish you can stay forever. Even though English isn’t the local language, you’ll be able to communicate with everyone with little trouble. But, if you would like to learn more and understand everything of this beautiful culture, you can always find a Spanish school Barcelona and make your desires come true.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, right know all you want are some quality times in your holidays. This city and the Spain capital, are some of the most chosen destinations for tourist all over the globe. Trying to make a competition of Barcelona vs. Madrid travel it’s very likely to end up in a stalemate, in order to avoid this, it’s really important to know what kind of trip you wish to have.

Traveling to Barcelona with children

You’ll soon find out with only one day in Barcelona, how good of an option this choice was. Anyways, we will give you some Barcelona travel tips to help improve your family experience: 

  • Cart friendly city: When travelling with little kids, you’ll usually need to use a cart, thankfully this city is very comfortable for cart use. The streets of the tourist area are really big and very well paved. Though, if you plan to leave these areas, a good Barcelona travel tip would be choosing the use of a backpack for babies. It’ll give you more freedom when visiting some monuments. 
  • Museums: they have plenty of children friendly activities. They’ll be kept entertained while learning and enjoying the culture this city has to offer. You can search for a good Barcelona travel book to learn more about them. 
  • Children’s friendly lodging: You may have asked yourself, where should I stay in Barcelona? Well, we recommend you somewhere near downtown. The Boulevard or the Gothic neighborhood are both great options. You’ll be relatively close to most tourist attractions and restaurants. There might be some hotels that don’t accept children’s, but don’t let this get yourself down. There are plenty Barcelona travel children -hotels to choose from. Also, you can always go for a small apartment for more freedom and tranquility.  
  • Food for all tastes: This city is famous for its dishes. Catalan food is one of the most tasteful of all the country, but this might be a bit to tasteful for some children. But there are lots of places that offer really tasteful dishes that can be more child’s friendly. 
  • Kids tend to be cheaper: Like many places around the globe, children tend to access certain places and attraction for far less than adults. 

Though this might not be the main question most parent have. What attractions and places are the right ones for children? Well, will leave you five places we are sure will be great choices: 

The Boulevard and the Gothic Neighborhood

Get your hand on a Barcelona travel guide map and start walking around. This place is a must in any good Barcelona trip. Best of all, you don’t even need to spend any money on a traveler’s guide, you can easily find free Barcelona travel guide. You can start from “Plaza de Cataluña” and walk down the Boulevard. Enjoy the view of the terraces of the most famous restaurants of the city or look at the many artesian stalls.  

Make a stop at the “Font de Canaletes” and make the traditional fountain water sip, you can’t travel to Barcelona and not doing it. As the legend tells, once you drink from this fountain, you’ll always return to Barcelona. We guarantee that after a few days there, you’ll walk to the fountain every day for a little water sip in hopes of a soon return. 

The popular “Mercat de la Boquería” is also a must do. Here you can buy something to eat before going on. Lose yourself in the gothic neighborhood streets, but don’t forget to make a stop in the wax museum! This is a great activity for all the family. When the sun starts to hide, you can make a quick stop in “El Bosc de les Fades”, a faery and goblins themed bar, your kids are sure to love this place.  

Go to the beach

Who doesn’t like to spend a day or two at the beach? It doesn’t matter the time of the year, it’s always the best time to visit Barcelona beaches. During warm weather, you can always go for a pleasant swim, and if cold is present, enjoy a walk down the beach looking for its unique fauna. 

The Barceloneta beach is the most famous of the whole city. During the first day of the year, the nautical club “Atlètic Barcelona” organize a communal swim, in the hopes of having a fresh new year start. It might not be the best option to partake in this swim with children’s, but it sure is something funny and interesting to witness. 

Barcelona’s Aquarium

With more than five hundred species, this is the most important aquarium of all Europe. It has a seventy-five meters long underwater tunnel, that goes across the biggest ponds. It’s a unique experience for all ages. 

Miró’s Foundation

It’s a very popular attraction among children’s, thanks to its authors a little “childish” style. But for grownups, is an experience that’s sure to open your mind in new ways. 

The museum offers plenty child friendly activities while you can enjoy watching it 13.000 plus pieces of art.  I f you feel like this was not enough art, you can finish the day by visiting the “Caixa Forum” museum for a full artistic theme day.

Güell Park

We could never forget about our beloved Gaudí. This park is a perfect place to visit with children. It’s unique and peculiar sculptures are great for children to play. We can guarantee you they’ll spend a good and healthy time outdoors with the whole family. This is also where you can take some spectacular Barcelona travel photos

Gaudí left many religious, philosophical and esoteric symbols hided among the sculptures. Finding them and deciphering them can easily make you spend the whole relaxing day walking among this architect works. It’ll be a great family time in Barcelona.

As you might see, Barcelona travel with kids can be fun for all ages. Enjoy these and the many other activities this city has to offer. It’ll be an unforgettable experience you’ll never regret.

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