5 Ways To Distract Yourself If You’re Stressed

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When stress levels are high, it can be far too easy to get caught up in your emotions. But keeping yourself occupied is the perfect way to take yourself out of that negative headspace and focus on creating something instead. Check out these five ways to distract your body and mind when stress gets too much.

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Create Some Art

Occupy your mind by drawing or painting. You don’t have to be a budding artist to give it a go – you can even doodle. Distract your mind with a creative session. If drawing isn’t part of your skillset, why not choose some images you like online, or find some old photos you wouldn’t mind looking at every day. Print your designs or pictures and put them up in A4 frames, or exhibit your artwork at home. If you have a multi-frame, why not create a photo collage to capture those positive memories.

Try Yoga Sessions

Yoga is a great way to distract both your body and mind when stress is getting too much. You can even enjoy yoga at home by investing in an online class or trying out some free YouTube sessions like Yoga With Adriene. If you’re new to yoga, take it easy with some beginner classes. Try Hatha yoga, which focuses on breathing and stretching for the perfect way to unwind from a particularly stressful day.

Spend Time With Friends And Family

While you might joke that family time can induce stress, spending time with friends and family might be the perfect distraction from your emotions. It could be a quick phone call or chat about something completely unrelated or an opportunity to talk through how you’re feeling. Reaching out to your support network can help reduce stress as you’ll feel less alone and take comfort in the people around you.

Do Some Gardening

Whether you have a windowsill, balcony, or full-blown garden, you can find yourself fully immersed in gardening for hours. Why not cultivate a mini balcony garden to enjoy during your Saturday morning coffee, or give some love to your current plants? If you’re a novice gardener, there’s lots of information out there on getting started. If you love cooking, why not set up a mini herb garden to enhance your spice rack, or make a nature-haven that bees, birds, and insects can enjoy. 

Start Cooking

You might be baking banana bread or frying an egg, but cooking can be enjoyed at any level. The results don’t have to be Insta-worthy either, it’s more about having fun trying to do something different. If you’re feeling like enjoying carbs, this Goats Cheese Al Forno might be the perfect way to distract yourself with a cheesy carb-fest. You can expand your cooking to trying different themes, like an Italian or Indian food night, to get others involved in the fun.

Spending time trying out immersive new hobbies is a great way to carve out some time for yourself and distract yourself during times of stress. Here’s hoping you can enjoy the above and create some much-needed free-time in the process.


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