6 Strange but Efficient Ways to Promote Indoor Office Games for Employees

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Indoor office games are a necessary tool that you can use to keep your employees motivated. The games and activities can as well be used to break monotony and boredom in the office. The management is encouraged to include these in the organization’s to-do lists. Essentially, you will start to see the results of these efforts in the output. Furthermore, games and activities build togetherness and a spirit of teamwork. It is a healthy practice to ensure that the employees participate in the activities, and it is the management’s role to ensure they support such social functions.

Psychological theorists have written in the past that human beings are a product of the environment. At work, there is a work environment that promotes the constant practice and in silence. It, therefore, implies that employees may get used to the office occurrences, which may turn them into work zombies. Also, motivation has been discovered as an efficient tool for boosting production. One of the ways of motivating employees is by offering a pay rise. However, this may not be so effective in the end.

It has been further discovered that people work best when they know that they are being observed. But work much harder when they know they are appreciated. Hence the assertion that human beings are social beings. Therefore, this post will be discussing some of the best ways that you can employ to promote indoor office games.

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  • Permissions should be clearly indicated

No one desires to lose their jobs. So, whenever giving permission, better make it as clear as possible. Most employees are likely to be skeptical due to misunderstandings about time for working and that for indoor games. It would be better if they knew that they are allowed to participate in certain events. Also, it would help if you let them know why they are doing so. Sometimes they may misunderstand things. Inform them that such events benefit not only them but the organization as well. Allow them to adjust their schedules whenever such events are being held.

  • Ensure 100% participation

As a leader, you are responsible for your team. Therefore, you will know when the group is concerned about some structures in the organization that may compromise participation or not. You ought to be4 on the forefront to discourage social, structural, attitude-wise, organizational policies, job culture, and assumptions that, for many times, mare these events. There should be no racial, political, or economic discrimination. The neutral ground will definitely attract full house participation. Furthermore, geographical barriers should never be concerns which may cause non-participation.

  • Take time to notice or reward the champions

The purpose of these games is also to break the perception that some people do not see themselves as hard workers since you don’t mention their achievements. It’s morale breaking whenever all the employee feels is the feeling of unworthiness. These are those times you need to reward or accord necessary praise to good performance fairly. Therefore, as the leader, it should be better for the employees since fairness and togetherness, inclusive of the leader. Help them understand that stretching or kicking the ball is not problematic but healthy.

  • Promote a culture of consultations

As the catalyst of the plan, you are supposed to give direction. However, let the employees bring their input in the plan and not impose it on them. It would be better if you would let them pick those activities they are comfortable with. It is apparent that one will feel shy about trying out something new. They will fear to fail, and that will not bode well with the essence of the activity. Also, accept their input on food and other supplies that would be used in the activity. Let them be the captains of their teams, and the event will run just fine.

  • Let them set their goals

In these events, the employees will need to set their goals. Goals can be powerful motivators. They just have to be achievable and realistic. However, it would be right to let the employees set their own goals. Let them take responsibility for themselves. However, you can give them a slight push to attain them.

  • Give them a reason to

While games are a healthy activity for both the body and the organization, many people will still want to know why the interruption of the organization’s time schedule should be interfered with for the sake of games. Therefore, you ought to highlight some of the benefits as well as opportunities that are at stake in such activities. Even after illustrations, they need constant reminders, so they don’t lose their sense of focus or objective toward the events. They will listen to the right message and with reminders. That is just human beings. The message is only relevant if they are being addressed personally. That is why when sending invitations, do so in person, or in brief. Also, you can send cards – nothing wrong with that. And then, the memos can be used for reminders 

  • Encourage healthy competitions

Success is an ultimate motivator. Success as a team boosts the team morale to do it again. Therefore, you should expect competition among the employees. However, competitions can be toxic if they are not regulated. Encourage the participants to display the best level of healthy competition and fair play.

  • The Bottom Line

To ensure togetherness and teamwork involves a combination of many factors. Among them, including, the right message, excellent strategies, and constant support. Therefore, if you were to promote these activities in the office, first give them the purpose of having such activities. Join them in their team, so they feel like one and provide them with the best environment. The right environment is not just about the surroundings but also, facilitation, permission, understanding, and being on board with the activities they choose to participate in. 

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