Artificial Grass Cleaning Guide

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Cleaning fake grass is something that many people overlook after it has been placed. To avoid this, we’ve put up a checklist of things to keep in mind when cleaning synthetic grass. We’ll go through how to clean fake grass, how to maintain artificial grass, and what tools to use to make the process go smoothly. 


Clean Weekly

Due to low maintenance of Artificial Grass, you need to collect loose dirt or trash once in a while. As a rule, we encourage you to examine your grass every week. Any clutter such as dead leaves or excess dirt should be immediately evident. Simply rub them off or brush with a soft brush, so they don’t get tied to the grass blades or ruin your drainage system.

Clean once a month

To clean artificial grass, many individuals use home remedies such as a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar. The scent of vinegar, on the other hand, is not always pleasant and can be extremely repulsive. It eliminates bacteria and prevents growth on the turf while also leaving your lawn smelling great. As a specialized therapy, you can rest confident that it is also suitable for children and pets. Simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions and rinse after use — it’s that simple! A sand infill may be required for some artificial grass ranges. The height of your grass pile and the arrangement of the blades will determine this.

Ongoing maintenance of artificial grass

Accidents may occur, but proactive action will prevent permanent damage. Make sure any seams, tears and holes are repaired as soon as you notice them. This keeps your lawn appear wonderful and extends your artificial grass lifespan. Make sure that your lawn keeps brand new and well cared for debris that should not be there. This can also be helpful if you have missed grass for a long time if the trash could be harder to collect.


Cleaning Debris and Dirt

Collect the trash that has made its way into your grass with a gentle rake or brush. When using the rake, be careful not to use too much force; this can result in inadvertent harm. Our Artificial Grass Cleaner is ideal for eliminating stubborn dirt from areas of your lawn where a rake or brush can’t reach.

If there are any sticky particles of debris, such as gum or candy, scrape them off gently with a sharp knife. To avoid accidentally cutting some of the blades, follow the grass upwards with your knife.

Drinks and spills for cleaning

Use a piece of cloth or a towel to remove a liquid stain from your grass and dab the spot directly. Mix a tablet of water with a pint of detergent if the discoloration is a little harder to remove and soak in your tissue. Blot the stain in the same way. Once the stain is cleared, the detergent may be rinsed off your lawn with a tube or a little water.

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