Could Your Blog Do With A Revamp?

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We all have a different experience with blogging. For some of us, things picked up rather quickly. For others, it’s taken years to get the good reputation your blog has right now. And for a few of us, blogging is one of the main things that brings revenue in, and thus, it’s crucial to know just how well your blog fits in with the rest of the world. 

And yet, the world of blogging can get complex at times. You need to keep your finger on the button, even when you’re passively making money from an online presence – you need to be aware of what the online world wants right now, and whether or not you’re relevant enough for people to keep up with.

So, with that in mind, could it be time to give your blog a bit of a revamp? A transformation, in other words? Could some things be changed, and some certain elements updated, to ensure you’re blogging at the top of your game? Well, let’s work through some potential points below! 

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Keep an Eye on Technology

Technology is a big player when it comes to blogging; the more modern your blogging host, and the tools it offers you, the better you’re going to do at staying in control of your blog. Your website is you, after all; it represents you, gives your readers and/or clients something to feed off of, and it’s what you’ve built your career off of. And if you don’t have a digital transformation strategy in mind for it, for the future, there’s a good chance you’re going to drop off the radar sooner than you expected. 

Blogging is done solely thanks to an online connection; if there was no internet, we’d all still be journaling all of our thoughts, and very few people would read them. Which is why technology needs to be at the heart of your revamp ideas right now – what can you do to take your website to the next level? 

How could you change the format of your blog? How could you keep the very structure and features engaging enough to keep people coming back for more? They can be very basic features, as long as you’ve got a plan for how to use them. 

It’s also good to remember: there’s plenty of plugins out there for you to make use of too. They’re easy to install and activate, as long as your blogging host is compatible, and you know how your browser works. All in all, giving your digital capability and its ensuing footprint a bit of a facelift doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds!

Think About Your Niche

Your niche might have worked at first, but right now, it might be getting a little too restrictive. After all, you were the cornerstone of your part of the internet, and people came to you for all kinds of advice regarding the one topic you allowed yourself to write about. However, content can run dry when we think like this for too long, and it’s why thinking about your niche is one of the best ways to revamp your blog. 

So, open up the floor a little. What else could you write about, that still has the possibility of relating back to your original niche? For example, if you’re an art tips and tricks blog, why not let yourself expand into other forms of media? Rather than keeping the pens and pencils on paper all the time, move onto digital art, or even do some reviews for artistic based games that your readers keep telling you about? 

Give Your About Page a Professional Facelift

The page you use to explain, to both newcomers and old readers alike, about who you are and why you started a blog needs to look good. It needs to look updated and fresh at all times, like you’ve kept an eye on it and that you’re constantly putting your best foot forward. 

Because when you look at your analytics, this page is probably what people look at the most when landing on your blog. They want to know who you are, and what the tone of the blog is, and whether or not they should invest their interest in you and your words. And if they come across a page that looks like it’s been abandoned, with an old photo and words that just don’t fit the snippets of content they’ve seen so far, they’re not going to make much of your blog itself. 

So, take a professional tone here. Change your layout, tone down or spread out the colours you use, and make sure the picture of you is from the last 6 months, at the latest. It could even be a professional headshot you spent good money on, which could impress both casual readers and potential business contacts alike! 

Start Accepting Guest Posts

And finally, make sure you reach out to fellow bloggers around you, and even people who write well and are looking to secure an online presence of their own. Because when you do, you’ll bring some fresh and different content onto your blog, and that’s always interesting! Your readers will be curious who this guest poster is, and other people looking to contribute to a blog like yours will flock to you, and give you some much needed online clout for the future. 

Just make sure that any guest posts fit your niche, and have the same kind of writing style that fits alongside yours. You want people who rub along with you, rather than a full blown debate about how well a contributor fits on your hands! 

Could your blog do with a revamp? It might be something to ask yourself right now; you’ve got the time on your hands to look through your back pages and work out what works and what doesn’t. All in all, take yourself to a higher level, and keep these tips in mind. 

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