Creating an inviting living space with solid wood flooring

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I rent my home, I do have hopes of one day owning my own home but, for now, I rent.

One of the things I dream of in my own home is solid wood flooring. 

I love the warm, traditional feel you get from solid wood flooring. It is pleasing to the eye, it works with a wide variety of decor and feels great underfoot. In the living room you can be sure it will work well with your interior decoration. The furniture you choose will compliment the wood flooring and vice versa. It will work for a minimalist look or with dark walls and plenty of plants which is very popular at the moment – and a trend I really like myself.

In our house we are fans of soft furnishings, cushions, throws and the like, and they look fabulous against a solid wood floor. 

succulent house plants on real wood floor

Why choose solid wood flooring for your living area?

Solid wood flooring is practical

Solid wood is incredibly hard wearing so fantastic for high traffic areas. It is easy to keep clean and is a great choice for those os us who suffer from allergies as it doesn’t attract allergens like dust in the way carpets can.

Solid wood flooring will outlive a carpet, where carpets need to be cleaned, repaired or replaced solid wood flooring can be sanded down and treated – much more cost effective. Real wood can be sanded numerous times, depending on the thickness and, cared for well, it can last a lifetime.

house with solid real wood flooring and a rug. Table and chairs and white walls

Solid wood flooring is pleasing to the eye

There is no doubt that real wood flooring looks fabulous, it is like having the outdoors indoors. There are a wide array of species to choose from to suit your decor. All are hard wearing but they vary in colour, shade and pattern.

Solid wood is suitable for various budgets

It is a common misconception that solid wood is expensive. Obviously the highest quality and more exotic woods are more expensive but native wood needn’t be. Solid wood flooring comes in different thicknesses, the thinner being less expensive but the thicker will be longer lasting as you are able to sand it more times.

Solid wood is relatively easy to install

There are different types of planks but the tongue and groove system makes installing solid wood flooring easier than you might think. However, if you are in any doubt it is probably worth employing a flooring fitter to do the job for you. Installed well it will last you many years.



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