Does Your Car Have All of These Safety Features?

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Whether you want to get a new car or upgrade your existing vehicle, a big thing to keep in mind is safety. Your favourite people in the world travel in that car, so why skimp on features that can protect them? Keep your kids, partner, and other loved ones safe by ensuring you have all these things in your vehicle:


Good visibility is essential to driving safely. Be sure to adjust rear and wing mirrors correctly to minimize blind spots. Then you will be able to see around the vehicle to avoid cars in other lanes, as well as people on bikes or walking.

Also, be sure to look over your shoulder to check blind spots before turning or changing lanes. Even when mirrors are correctly adjusted, they cannot eliminate blind spots entirely.


Wearing a seatbelt is required by law as it can save a life. It can significantly reduce the risk of death for drivers and both front-seat and back-seat passengers. A three-point seatbelt found in modern vehicles features a strap across the chest and lap.

When first getting into the car, make sure everyone has their seatbelt on before you leave the driveway. For kids between 3-13 years old, child restraints must be worn.


To keep the roads safe for you and other drivers, use your headlights on the proper setting according to the road condition, weather, and time. For example, use high beams if it’s a dark rural road without much traffic so that you can see further ahead to avoid hitting an animal, an obstacle, or a person.

If it is foggy, switch to low beams or fog lights, if your family car has this feature. If it is not foggy, don’t do so as it can be aggravating for oncoming traffic.


If there is a crash, the airbags will deploy and cushion the driver as well as the passenger from their impact locations. Airbags can be in a range of locations within the vehicle, including the steering wheel and dash.

When looking for a new vehicle, ask if there are any recalls with the airbags to make sure no problems have occurred that you need to be aware of. Also, ask about where to sit your child as airbags can be dangerous for kids under age 13.

Antilock Brakes

Does your vehicle have antilock brakes? This feature is worth investing in as it can prevent the wheels from locking when hitting the brakes suddenly.

If the brakes lock, then the car can spin out of control, putting everyone inside at risk. With an ABS system, the braking system pulse during hard braking to prevent locking from happening. That way, you stay in control behind the wheel.

Benefits of Safety Features

Maintaining road safety by using the above-mentioned features can help reduce your insurance premiums. That makes sense given that safety devices significantly reduce the risk of a serious crash.

When looking for car insurance, one sure have a good reputation for providing affordable quotes. They can advise you on how to reduce your premiums.

Plus, you can feel good about driving a safer vehicle that is well-maintained. While you can’t control everything in the future, what you can do is lower the risks for everyone in the care by incorporating safety features.

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