First-Time Parent’s Cleaning Tips

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Living with children can be messy! Gone are the days of a clean and tidy home that looks like something from a magazine – instead say hello to stained sofas and baby protected corners.

Honestly, it’s not all that bad but it is a big change, suddenly your old cleaning routine doesn’t work as well as it used to and you do find yourself having to clean more often.  Aroma Care Solutions have shared their 7 tips for first-time parents so that you can stay on top of that cleaning regime. In this post we’re sharing five of the tips with you.

Tip One – Preparation

Start by preparing your space before your due date by decluttering and organising your home as there will be no time for this when the bundle of joy arrives.

As KonMari would say ‘only keep what sparks joy’. This method is bang on trend but is also a logical way of preparing and organising your space. The main element to this method is to organise by category such as clothes, books and shoes etc.

Whilst organising your space also consider where the baby’s items will go such as the baby changing area, cot/moses basket and all the gifts you are bound to receive.

Tip Two – The Scenes

One of your key senses is smell and a fresh smelling home can give the illusion of a clean and tidy space even if you haven’t had time to tidy properly.

With a baby in the home the last thing you want are candles lying around, especially when they start to crawl or walk. Instead you can use diffusers, plug in scents or you can make your own.

To make your own scent all you will need is a jar, lightly scented oil and a drop of your favourite fragrance – then be sure to place near the baby changing area for a fresh aroma.

Tip Three – Accidents

All babies will have little accidents; it’s just part of growing up. One of the most natural products available right now is Bio Enzyme cleaners.

Bio enzymes use good bacteria to digest waste by breaking them down into smaller pieces, they also remove odour and are a friendly way to clean.

Tip Four – Baby Clothes

Any new parent will tell you that your washing will increase when a baby comes along. One of the most annoying things is the stains that get on vests and baby grows, but not for long with this organic technique to keep clothes smelling and looking fresh.

Simply, use lemon juice and salt and rub in with a toothbrush which surprisingly can have better results than using a washing machine.

Tip Five – The Car

Babies don’t just make the inside of the house cluttered but also your vehicle. If you’re expecting then also expect a messy car

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